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How AI Writing Service Craftly AI is transforming the content industry

As the world gets more and more digital, our daily habits are turning more digital too. We start our day with news and social media articles on our laptops rather than going through a newspaper. We look down at the notifications on our smartphones more than we look up to see a billboard. The audience that used to only read the news now is interacting actively over multiple social media channels after the release of each news story.

On top of this, they not only read one news item anymore, but they also research thoroughly by reading multiple news outlets and other opinion articles, alongside video material on the same. Especially since the pandemic and the consequential lockdown, digital content consumption has grown by 33.4% globally as per 2021 statistics.  

This huge consumption of content is also creating a huge demand for content, particularly quality and authentic content, which every marketing and advertising agency has been bending over backward to fulfill. The keywords here are – “quality” and “authentic” which for copy and content writers means in-depth research for every article. Therefore, producing such content inevitably exhausts a good amount of time. Also, this stress of producing fresh and creative content within a time crunch is bound to result in writer’s block or poorly written material.

It’s nearly impossible for a human to stay on top of everything, which leads to a colossal gap between the production of content and the sheer volume of demand for content. The only thing that can close this bridge now is AI, which is exactly what web-based AI writing service, Craftly AI, has picked up.

Using natural language processing and machine learning and by leveraging the largest neural network, Craftly AI, known as the highest quality best AI content generator has found a way to bring down the time of producing quality, authentic, and plagiarism-free written content and copy from weeks to mere seconds.

They employ groundbreaking GPT-3 technology to comprehend and replicate distinctive styles of human communications and develop completely original and human-like content in a matter of moments. All their application needs are information about the type of content required and a few details about it, and the AI can craft well-researched and high-quality content instantly. In fact, one of Toronto’s top plastic surgery clinic boasts using AI copywriting for a lot of their content alongside their researchers, nurses and surgeons. It can develop literally every kind of content a company may need – starting from short and long blogs, articles, and press releases to listings, mission statements, social media posts, and web copies.

Craftly AI is trained by AI professionals, data scientists, and marketing specialists, all experts in their own fields; providing the application the accuracy, resourcefulness, and sophistication that the sector needs. Besides helping out marketers to meet the huge content demand in time, the application is giving a chance to small and medium-sized enterprises to have a level playing field with the big boys.

The organizations that couldn’t afford to hire a gigantic team of writers to accommodate the content needs for their businesses, using Craftly AI, can now perform the same high-quality work in a very short period of time. With innovative techniques and constant growth, Craftly AI is paving the way towards a promising new AI-powered future.


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