How AI Will Affect Sales Strategy and Marketing

Nearly everything has been altered by artificial intelligence (AI), and sales are no exception.

It influences both how consumers purchase and how salespeople must present their products.

Every day, AI influences our purchasing decisions, influencing anything from the programs we watch to the routes our chauffeur drives to the next thing we shop online.

Marketing and sales aren’t the only fields where artificial intelligence (AI) is causing a stir. 

The emergence of AI technologies has enabled marketing and sales teams to automate jobs, simplify procedures, and make data-driven choices. 

AI has the power to change how companies approach marketing and sales, from lead creation to client interaction.

Efficiency gains are one of the main advantages of AI in marketing and sales. For instance, compared to conventional approaches, using AI technologies like ChatGPT may speed up the creation and execution of content like emails and taglines. 

Similar to this, AI-driven design tools may produce imaginative banners and graphics, serving as sources of inspiration for marketing and sales initiatives.

So how will AI impact corporate sales and marketing strategies in the near future? Let’s get right into it! 

Relationships become more solid

Barry Brown, owner of Counter Culture DIY shares: “Many sales operations, including obtaining client data to identify requirements, processing sales, receiving product orders, and creating contracts, may be automated using AI technology. 

According to McKinsey researchers, salespeople who use AI spend 40% less time on these duties. They now have more time to develop their connections.

Call duration shortens

According to the McKinsey report, sales teams employing AI already reduce call durations by as much as 60%–70%. Salespeople spend less time experimenting on calls when using AI to assess requirements and align solutions before the conversation.

Lower prices

Some businesses have reduced expenses by half by using AI technology to automate lower-level sales duties, according to academics. Time spent by salespeople is used to boost revenues.

The closing time is shorter

Researchers discovered that salespeople had more time to dedicate to bottom-of-the-funnel duties like completing transactions and wisely negotiating because they spend less time on chores at the top of the funnel.

Access to cutting-edge apps, analysis, and enrichment of data

The practice of adding data from outside sources to a company’s database (usually a CRM) is known as data enrichment. 

This procedure aims to provide more accurate, thorough, and holistic knowledge of a process, lead, customer, or prospect.

By properly organizing and using this data, artificial intelligence enables you to optimize this process.

Speedier onboarding

Aliza Naiman, marketing manager at Olgam Life says: “Fast and effective rep onboarding may be difficult to achieve, particularly if you market a pricey or sophisticated product with a protracted sales cycle. As the angle of the ramp becomes steeper, ramping becomes slower. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can automatically identify trends in the sales activities and behaviors of your top-performing salespeople, transforming those data points into insightful information for management. 

These insights increase wins and provide sales managers with a tried-and-true coaching and scaling strategy.

For instance, MongoDB uses to reduce the ramp time for new sales representatives from 7-9 months to only 2-4 months by providing them with useful insights that aid them in navigating one of the trickiest stages of the sales process.

Viewable pipeline

The familiar shoulder tap at the cubicle and the inevitable query, “What’s going on with your deals?” were the repeating themes in a sales rep’s life in 2015.

AI addresses the pipeline visibility issue by automatically recording and exposing the actions salespeople participate in across prospects or accounts. This eliminates the need for manually entering data and gives managers up-to-the-minute information on what has already occurred and what has to be done. 

Take New Relic as an example. When it came to the places and people their salespeople were spending their time, they also suffered from information gaps. 

Sales managers could really see how much time and effort went into each transaction on their team, as well as which personalities were more active at each step, by using AI.

Productivity of the sales staff

Isla Sibanda of Privacy Australia shares: “The grunt work is done for you by AI. The difficulty of coordinating every single individual you’ve spoken to on a sale, taking into account their position and seniority, and attaching them to the appropriate opportunity in Salesforce is the dirty job we’re alluding to in this context. 

Reps often only manage to grab two or three persons at most. However, AI is capable of creating Opportunity Contact Records (OCRs) that are linked to the appropriate opportunity in Salesforce by automatically detecting contacts participating in talks.

By automating this procedure, productivity rises as sales representatives devote less time to tedious data input and more to the activities and collaborators necessary to advance negotiations.

After introducing an AI-based platform that automates business activity and contact collection as well as opportunity matching inside Salesforce, Gainsight witnessed a 15% boost in sales rep productivity. 

As a consequence, 20% of a rep’s time was returned to them so they could redistribute it towards additional data input and other proven sales activities.

Pricing optimization becomes simpler

Carl Jensen, owner of Compare Banks believes Pricing will become similar. He shares: “AI algorithms can determine and guide salespeople to the optimal price discount rate for each proposition so they close the purchase without losing money.

The specifics of prior agreements that were won and lost are examined by AI, including the size of the contract, its alignment with the product requirements, the number of rivals, the client’s spending power, the region, the timing, and the influencers.

 AI can then provide details on the best price.

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