How AI Tools Can Help Save Time & Money on Video Production

How AI Tools Can Help Save Time & Money on Video Production

Discover how you can revolutionise your video production process with the help of AI tools. Learn more about the time and money-saving features available today!

Did you know that video marketing is like a powerful tool that can set your brand, product, or service apart from the competition in the vast online world? According to a recent report by HubSpot, an incredible 90% of businesses already use video as a marketing strategy, and get this, a whopping 99% plan to keep leveraging video marketing in the year 2023!

Videos can help boost brand awareness, generate more leads, improve conversions, and even strengthen customer loyalty. But here’s the thing, creating exceptional videos can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you have limited resources such as a tight budget, limited time, or lack of expertise.

In the past, hiring a professional video production company could be expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, going the DIY route might feel overwhelming and frustrating. It involves coming up with creative ideas, writing scripts, finding suitable footage, editing videos, adding audio elements, and optimising everything for different platforms and devices.

There are always unique and interesting ways to overcome these challenges and create remarkable videos that capture attention and drive results.

Fortunately, an AI video generator from a script provides a solution. These inventive online tools utilise artificial intelligence to automatically create videos from text, images, or audio.

Simply input your topic or idea, and within minutes, the AI generates a distinctive video. You can then customise the generated video to align with your preferences or embrace it as-is, infusing a unique flair into your marketing endeavours.

AI Video Generators for Business

1. Define your Singular Goal and Target Audience

Before embarking on your AI video generation process, it is essential to clearly establish your specific objectives and identify the audience you aim to reach.

Are you intent on amplifying brand awareness, generating leads, boosting sales, or enhancing customer retention? Who precisely are your ideal customers? What are their pain points, needs, and interests?

A well-defined goal and target audience play a pivotal role in designing videos that are not only relevant and valuable but also highly persuasive.

2. Handpick the Appropriate Video Format

Depending on your unique goals and target audience, it is vital to carefully select the perfect video format that will effectively convey your message.

AI video generation platform can offer a plethora of options, such as:

  • Brand storytelling videos: These videos narrate the captivating story behind your brand, its mission, values, and what sets it apart from competitors. They establish trust, credibility, and a strong connection with your audience, showcasing precisely why your brand matters.
  • Product presentation videos: These videos showcase your products or services, highlighting their remarkable features, benefits, and functionality. They aim to educate your audience about your offerings while demonstrating how they can effectively address their problems or fulfil their desires.
  • Testimonial spotlight videos: These videos feature authentic customers sharing their positive experiences with your brand or products. They act as powerful social proof, influencing potential customers to make confident purchasing decisions in your favour.
  • Guidance tutorial videos: These videos impart knowledge to your audience by teaching them how to perform specific tasks or activities related to your brand or products. By providing substantial value, they establish your brand’s expertise and authority within your niche.
  • Engaging explainer videos: These videos simplify complex concepts or ideas concerning your brand or products in an approachable and captivating manner. They instantly captivate attention, stimulate curiosity, and enable your audience to better comprehend your brand and offerings.

3. Craft an Engaging Script

While AI video generator online can transform text into videos, it is still crucial to create a unique and captivating script for your video.

Ensure that your script stands out by being clear, concise, and compelling. It should incorporate an attention-grabbing hook, address a problem, offer a solution, include a call to action, and end with a strong closing statement.

Tips to craft an outstanding script for your video:

  1. Embrace the inverted pyramid method. It entails starting with the most crucial information to instantly captivate your audience’s attention and maintain their interest throughout the video.
  2. Leverage the AIDA formula—Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This well-established framework will persuade your viewers to take action. Grab their attention with attention-grabbing headlines or shocking statistics, pique their interest with intriguing stories or thought-provoking questions, create desire by showcasing the benefits of your solution, and prompt immediate action by providing clear instructions.
  3. Implement the PAS formula—Problem, Agitate, Solve. This effective strategy will sway your audience to choose your offering. Identify their problem and evoke the pain associated with it, heighten their discomfort by illustrating the consequences of not resolving the issue, and present your solution as the ultimate remedy.
  4. Employ potent words and emotional triggers. These linguistic tools generate strong positive or negative emotions in your viewers. Curiosity, fear, excitement, anger, or happiness can be elicited to establish an emotional connection and drive desired behaviour. Utilise compelling terms such as amazing, secret, guaranteed, proven, shocking, urgent, limited-time, free, and more.

With these unique strategies, your video script will stand out and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

4. Customise your Video

Once you have prepared your script, you can input it into the AI video generator from text like, and allow it to create a video for you.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to settle for the default video generated by the AI. You have the opportunity to personalise your video, making it distinctive and impactful.

Methods to bring uniqueness to your video:

  • Opt for the perfect AI avatar and voiceover: The majority of AI video generators offer various AI avatars and voiceovers to select from. An excellent example is Take your brand personality, tone of voice, as well as your audience’s preferences and expectations into consideration. If desired, you can also upload your own avatar or voiceover for a more personal touch.
  • Select suitable footage and music: Most AI video generators, including provide a range of footage and music options. Using it, you can align with your topic, message, brand identity, and style. For a more original touch, you can also upload your own footage or music.
  • Choose an appropriate style and format: AI video makers offer different styles and formats to choose from. Consider your goals, platform, as well as your audience’s preferences and behaviour. For instance, you can choose between horizontal or vertical videos, short or long videos, animated or live-action videos, and more.


In conclusion, AI tools can be a great answer to saving time and money when it comes to video production for businesses.

AI software is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and efficient with the help of technological advancements that are happening every day. From transcription to content analysis, you don’t have to worry about tedious manual processes anymore when producing videos.

If you’re looking for massive savings during your next video project, take advantage of an AI video generation platform, taking into consideration, so you can focus on making your video unique and captivating.

After all, the goal is to move people’s emotions and gain their engagement so take whatever extra time and money you saved by using AI tools properly and make it count!

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