Artificial intelligence

How AI-based Tutors can Engage Students In Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Technology is a part of every aspect of our lives, so it was only a matter of time before it makes its way into the educational system. A couple of years ago came the arise and proliferation of websites for thesis statement maker or plagiarisms checkers. But today the big helper is AI tutors, new generation of tools designed to help students in their academic charts.

Some advantages of using a virtual tutor

On internet, there are many tools designed to help students do all kind of assignments, like a research paper, a dissertation, an essay,… you can even find a thesis generator free or a thesis statement generator! Well, AI tutors follow the same intention but are another level of technology, and the results are amazing.

The benefits from this new tutoring method compiled a long list that can be classified in three blocks: they allow personalized tutoring, give great and complete feedback to the students, and collect valuable information for future applications. In this table we give you more details.

Personalized tutoring Feedback to students Applications for the future
  • There are tutors for every area of study, like maths, sciences, arts,…
  • With AI tutors every student gets private time with a digital teacher
  • A virtual tutor can collect information from the student’s habits to design a personalized routine
  • These technologies can cover most of the students’ academic needs
  • Private lessons can make a more comfortable study environment
  • The AI tutor can determine the right studying pace for each student
  • AI tutors offer immediate feedback
  • They give personalized comments to every student
  • The comeback from virtual tutors is meaningful and as a good insight.
  • Students can feel more comfortable when it’s a virtual tutor who’s pointing out their academics flaws
  • One of the biggest benefits of the involvement of AI in education is that it helps collect information about students studying processes
  • The data collected by AI tutors can help identify learning disabilities
  • It can also help develop effective study routines for students 
  • Also, offer a great feedback service, and use suggestions to enhance the AI tutors’ reaction and methods.
  • With the information collected, the AI tutor can determine the right content for every area.

How does an AI tutor work?

For some students, an AI tutor sounds a lot like Skynet, which is kind of scary. For others it sounds like “something too cool to exist yet”, which can lead to disappointment. But the truth is that virtual tutors are neither scary nor disappointing; they work using algorithms and modern programming that allows them to fulfill every task they promised.

The main objective of these systems is to provide customized directions to students in specific knowledge areas, but how do they do it? Well, every virtual tutor has a set of algorithms that indicates how to behave in certain circumstances.. But the Machine Learning processes have also a lot to do because through this field of technology the virtual tutor is programmed to collect information and use it later to “learn” how to teach better.

This type of development boosted the success of AI in education, providing modern and innovative tools for students. The best part is that development hasn’t stopped, and there are ongoing researches oriented to enhance its effectiveness. 

Best AI tutors

Best AI tutors available for you

There are too many virtual tutoring options out there, which is good but also overwhelming. There’s nothing better than knowing where to look, so, to help you in your quest, we give you three suggestions regarding the mos popular AI tutors.

  • Duolingo Chatbot. One of the most used AI tutor, Duolingo, offers its assistant to any students interested in learning a second -or third- language. This virtual tutor is available since 2016 for those learning French, Italian, and Spanish, languages that the bot can speak fluently. This is the best choice if you are looking to be polyglot.
  • Thinkster Math. Maths are always tricky, but with this tutor, they can be much easier. It’s a mathematical training platform that works by tracking the steps each student takes to solve  an equation. With this information this AI tutor can identify and the flaws of students’ process and make a report on how to solved the found issues. Great help for both students and math teachers.
  • EdTech Foundry. This virtual tutor was created by a Norwegian company and had the objective of answer any question a student has. The system collects information from every question asked and asses the most relevant answers. Also, according to the student’s questions it can determine the knowledge area of interest and suggest academic articles or similar resources that might be of help.
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