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How a Spear Has Been Used Around The World Throughout History?

The spear has been used around the world throughout history. It was used as a weapon, a tool, and even as decoration. The spear has been used all over the world from Europe to Asia and Africa.

The first use of this weapon was almost 10,000 years ago in Egypt. It was used for hunting game and for fighting off animals that would attack humans.

The next time that this weapon was used was around 10,000 years ago in Europe, where it became known as a javelin (spear). During this period, spears were wooden shafts with sharpened ends or barbs that would penetrate through clothing or muscle tissue to cause damage.

Spears were also used during the Roman times in Europe until they were replaced by cavalry after defeating the opponent by hitting them with their horses’ hooves or horns.

The Greeks also had spears called sarissa which were two-handed weapons with a long curved blade on each side of the weapon which could be used to jab into enemies or throw at them.

The Chinese also had spears called guo Yao which also had sharpened blades on both sides of the weapon.

Spears on have been used in a lot of different ways throughout history.


Spears have been used as hunting weapons throughout history, and they are still used today.

Spears are a very versatile weapon that can be used for hunting both large game and small game. Large game such as deer are easily taken down with a well-aimed spear, while smaller animals such as rabbits and birds can be killed by stabbing them through the heart. Spears can also be used to hunt fish by thrusting it into the water, where it will sink deep enough to reach the bottom of a lake or river bed.

A typical spear has a shaft made from wood or bone with a pointed tip at one end, although some modern spears have been made from metals such as steel or aluminum instead of natural materials like wood or bone. The shaft of the spear is usually about five feet long and is designed for throwing rather than stabbing; this allows for greater range when compared with stabbing techniques which require close-range combat skills such as fighting with swords or knives.


Spears have been used as Throwing throughout history. They were used in battle and hunting, but also for sport and recreation. One of the oldest forms of throwing is to use a spear as a slingshot to hurl small stones at targets. The ancient Greeks used this method to train their young men so that they could accurately hit targets while running or riding horses.


Spears have been used as Survival throughout history, and it’s not just because they’re handy weapons. The best part of spears is their ability to kill or injure an animal at a distance, making them a great choice for hunting.

Spears are also a convenient choice for self-defense. They’re easy to carry around, easy to use (once you get the hang of it), and can be used with any kind of material—wood, bone, stone—even metal if you’re willing to sacrifice some weight for increased durability.

The most important thing about using a spear is that you have to know how to throw it well. There are many different styles of throwing spears from many different cultures throughout history.


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