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How a Project Management Certification can advance your career

Project Management Certification

In a project management career, overseeing and managing a portfolio of projects requires attention to detail and reliability. A project management certification will ensure credibility and reliability and open doors to various job opportunities. 


Certifications are recognized internationally and are a great way to validate your technical skills and boost your income. Certification also tends to give you a competitive edge over others in the organization. 


There are different types of certifications for project managers. Depending on the project manager’s job description, role, and years of experience, you can decide which certifications to opt for. For example- MPM certification (Master Project Management) or PMO certification (Project Management Offices) are preferred certifications by project managers. 


So according to your project management qualifications and core competencies, you can hone your skills with the best certifications. The article will shed some light on what PMP stands for and how a project management certification will help you advance your career. 

Project Manager’s Job Description

A project manager is responsible and in charge of managing the project. The primary responsibility is to complete the project on time and within budget. The project manager must also manage all the team members’ tasks by allocating and delivering functions to each member. Some other duties include the following:


  • Coordinate with stakeholders and develop a detailed project plan
  • Monitor and measure the performance and progress of the project
  • Manage risks to keep a project from going off track
  • Keep a detailed record of the project for future reference

Most credible Project Management Certifications in 2023

If you want to level up your career, we have listed certifications from entry-level to seasoned project management courses here. 

  1. PMP Certification (Project Management Professional)

Some certifications project managers opt for include the PMP certification, the most common choice for project managers. Now you know what PMP stands for. It is the Project Management Professional certification. It requires compulsory work experience of a few years in the industry and 35 hours of formal training in project management.

  1. MPM certification (Master Project Management)

This qualification is open to project managers, business professionals, and technical professionals. To achieve this certification, three years of work experience are a must. 

  1. PMO Certification (Project Management Office)

PMO is gaining much traction, and the concept is intended for project managers with IT or non-IT backgrounds. However, it is only a component of training that includes a detailed introduction to PMOs, their challenges and struggles, and ways to build strategies to work with stakeholders and teams. 

  1. CAPM Certification (Certified Associate Project Management)

CAPM is a good project management certification to stand out in the job market. It shows your project management fundamentals, vocabulary, and techniques. Candidates are required to have a secondary degree and 1500 hours of professional project experience. 

  1. CPD Certification (Certified Project Director)

The CPD is the highest degree in project management worldwide. It’s for senior professionals who want to be experts. 

Benefits of Project Management Certification

Let us see some of the advantages of investing in a certified professional course for employees:

  1. Improve Project Performance

First, a certified course’s project management qualifications will help you plan, initiate, monitor, and control a project better than others. Moreover, you can follow the best practices of project management and develop strategies to mitigate risks.

  1. Smart Investment

Certifications are expensive and challenging to crack on the first attempt. So, it’s undoubtedly a heavy investment of approximately $300, depending on the certificate. But, it will guarantee job security with higher salaries and better positions. 

  1. Higher Salaries

Project management certifications are highly recognized worldwide. It empowers the project manager with the credibility to take on more prestigious projects. And with responsibility comes higher compensation. According to Glassdoor, a PMP-certified project manager in the United States earns $71,395 annually. 

  1. Accepted across industries

The scope and demand of project management are relatively high across various industries like financial services, manufacturing, business, insurance, etc. So it is an excellent time to upgrade with current market trends and techniques. In addition, prospective project managers may improve their chances of success by acquiring the knowledge and abilities they need to perform the wide range of responsibilities in their job description. 

Benefits For The Organization

Now, the certification is fruitful even for the organization. Let us point out a few of the reasons:

  1. Hire the best

As a project management professional certification shines bright on the resume, it helps the company filter the best CVs from the candidates that have applied for the role. The certified candidates are also credible and confident in their abilities and technical skills. 

  1. Implement new strategies

Another advantage of hiring a certified employee is that they are updated with the latest risk assessment tools and technologies and deliver the project on time with efficient results. 

  1. Streamline processes 

A certified MPM can streamline processes and improve other team members’ confidence and morale. This will lead to increased productivity and improve the overall work culture within the organization. 

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed if the projects are completed within budget and on time. Project manager job descriptions include maintaining client relationships and monitoring their requirements.


There is a project management certification that can aid everyone, from seasoned professionals to entry-level workers looking to move up the ladder. These credentials will help you reach new heights of success and open doors to experiences and possibilities you never dreamed were possible. Also, it benefits not only the employees but also the organization.


The certifications are undoubtedly expensive, but they will be worth it. It is time to leap of faith and enroll in a certification program. You can check out Simplilearn, which can help you advance your career as an aspiring professional and give you the confidence to clear the exam and be job ready with real-world experience and knowledge.

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