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How a Clean Workspace Boosts Productivity?

Human nature is naturally inclined towards cleanliness and feels happy and active in a clean environment. A neat and clean workspace saves your time, improves your brain’s cognitive abilities, and keeps you healthy. 

Naturally, it involves some effort to achieve such a space that offers all these health and productivity benefits. Some of the essentials include cleaning the chair in use, getting rid of wobbly or squeaky office chair issues, keeping the work desk tidy, and working on your hygiene. By doing these little things, you will feel a drastic change in your productivity and health. 

How a Clean Workspace Boosts Productivity? 

A clean workspace boosts productivity in the following ways:

  • Keeps you healthy and energized

A clean working space prevents the spread of germs and infectious diseases. Unlike a messy and disorganized office, clean spaces control the likelihood of employee illness because of dirt and dust. Here most people ignore personal hygiene things, such as preventing butt sweat or underarm sweat, which not only makes you feel good about yourself but also multiplies your productivity. 

  • Saves your time

An organized workspace allows you to easily search for documents and paperwork whenever required. In this way, the previous time spent on a decluttered working station is significantly saved and can be utilized for useful tasks. The same is true for paperless working stations as digital lost documents are equally difficult to find out. 

  • Improves brain’s cognitive abilities

Research conducted by scientists at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute has shown that the human brain is naturally inclined towards order. It also revealed that disorganization and clutter drain the cognitive abilities of the human mind. A clean and healthy workspace is highly beneficial for improving the cognitive abilities of the brain. This directly boosts productivity levels.

  • Improves Motivation Levels

A recent study by Harvard Business Review has shown that the workspace environment directly impacts the performance of users. Employees feel more enthusiastic and energetic in a tidy environment. They feel happy about their work and excited to complete the assigned tasks.

  • Increases Attention Span

You must have experienced getting derailed due to the squeaky noise of your chair, dirty and immobile casters, unpleasant odor, and spots on the chair or desk. You are not alone as millions of remote or office-based employees daily waste several precious hours in their untidy work spaces. 

On the other hand, a clean workspace increases the attention span of employees and their ability to perform better. No wonder large-scale businesses and multinational companies make sure to provide clean workspaces and sophisticated equipment to their employees. 

How to Create a Clean Workspace?

Here are a few ways to create a clean workspace:

  • Clean Office Chairs

One of the most essential prerequisites to a clean workspace is clean office chairs. Regular dusting and vacuum cleaning are a must for keeping office chairs in a well-maintained form. However, once in a while, a deep cleaning ritual can add to your office chair’s life and bring an element of tidiness to your space. 

Generally, simple mesh or task office chairs are very easy to clean, but if you have any high-end chairs like Steelcase Gesture or Herman Miller Aeron, you need to do some extra care while cleaning them at home. We have discussed a detailed step-by-step process to clean an Aeron chair, you can take help from that. 

  • Get rid of wobbly office chair issues

Although most of us overlook it, a loose or wobbly office chair is a huge annoyance when we are working. Office work demand focus and unparalleled attention, which is greatly hampered by lost chairs. When cleaning your workspace, check your chairs thoroughly to pinpoint any loose screws and joints and fix them. This will not only improve your quality of work but also prevents you from health issues caused by loose chairs.  

  • Declutter your office desk

Declutter your office desk and get rid of unnecessary stationary and paperwork. Use file cabinets and organizers to keep your documents organized. Make a habit of putting back things at their designated places after use. Declutterin’ should not be once in a year task, rather incorporate it into your daily or at least weekly routine. 

  • Clean the floor 

The floor of the working space is highly susceptible to dirt and germs. Vacuum the floor daily to get rid of dust or grim. Mopping is also helpful in keeping the floor clean and shiny. Placing mats at the entrance of the office helps in cutting down the amount of dust coming in. 

  • Maintain personal hygiene 

The personal hygiene of users plays a crucial role in boosting their productivity. People who shower daily feel fresh and their focus on work naturally improves. You can also practice wearing breathable clothes to prevent excessive sweat on the buttocks and other body parts. Unscented anti per spirants and deodorants and regulating your diet by avoiding oily and spicy meals will also make a lot of difference.

Bottom Line!

In conclusion, a clean and tidy workspace has myriad benefits for the health and productivity of users. A huge amount of precious time and energy of employees is wasted in a messy and disorganized workspace. 

Most people are unaware of the impacts of organized working space on productivity and health. We have attempted to highlight the importance of clean working space on the attention span of employees and their motivation levels. Hopefully, the information would prove useful for you while organizing your working space in the future. 

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