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Houzeo Reviews: Recommendations and Rankings Compiled For You!

A flat fee MLS company such as Houzeo is all that you would need to help you make a home sale if you are willing to do some of the jobs yourself. The high-tech company could definitely make buying or selling a home easier for you. Read on to read if you have questions like ‘is Houzeo legit?’ and ‘how to sell my house in Georgia?’

What is Houzeo and how does it work?

Houzeo is a flat fee MLS company that allows you to list your property on your local MLS for a small fixed charge. It is not an agent matching service or a brokerage.

The flat fee MLS listing model of Houzeo provides MLS exposure to your homes when you wish to sell your homes FSBO or for sale by owner. Flat Fee MLS is also termed as FFM sometimes.

You can save thousands on listing agent commissions with a flat fee MLS service like Houzeo. Even the US Department of Justice has advanced the use of the flat fee model. Houzeo works in a simple manner. You pay a fee to Houzeo to get your home listed on the MLS and leave it up to Houzeo to list your house on the MLS fast.

With its IntelliList Listing Management system, you can even make changes to your listing online. You can even use the Houzeo mobile app to see, compare and even counter an offer online.

Is Houzeo legit?

Yes, Houzeo is a 100% legitimate company established in 2017 and owned by Amit Dhameja. Having its head office in New York, the company offers its services in all 50 states in the US. If you go by the Houzeo reviews, they praise the company’s accredited partner network and in-house customer support team. Let us uncover more about Houzeo and other flat fee MLS services with reviews such as List With Freedom reviews.

Houzeo reviews: recommended for home sellers

If you look into reviews on Houzeo on two of the best review sites in the US—Google and Trustpilot, you’ll understand that Houzeo reviews are majorly positive. Below is the curation of some reviews of the company talking about the advantages of listing a home with

Houzeo is hands down the best option for FSBO sellers, especially first-time home sellers. Below are some reasons why as per Houzeo reviews:

  • 100% online paperwork. Houzeo is big on technology and gives you a technical advantage as compared to other traditional flat fee MLS listing services at the same price. You can complete all the listing paperwork like seller’s disclosures and listing agreement online and cut down on the time needed to complete paperwork with Houzeo. This is possible by one of Houzeo’s tech features—IntelliList Management System.
  • Easy, smooth user interface. Houzeo provides you with a smooth and easily navigable user interface, both on the website and app. You can compare offers, arrange showings, and manage buyers effectively on Houzeo’s dashboard.
  • Affordable prices and huge savings. Houzeo offers four different flat fee MLS packages priced as per the level of services they provide. The packages are at par with the other flat fee MLS services present in the market.
  • Fantastic customer service. Almost every Houzeo review notes that Houzeo offers responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable customer service. This is a big advantage as Houzeo can address your needs in selling your house when you are working without a Realtor.
  • Quick listing and easy listing changes. Houzeo gets your home listing active within two days. The company goes a step ahead and offers ‘expedited listing’ at some locations in the country. You can list your home within a few hours with this fast listing offering by buying the Gold or Platinum listing package. 

On the other hand, if you see List With Freedom reviews, the company is known for its rock-bottom prices, responsiveness, and efficiency. While it has been in the business for many years, as per one List With Freedom review, the company charges high hidden fees.

What do you get with Houzeo’s flat fee MLS package

Houzeo is a top-ranked flat fee MLS listing service. You get the below services and tools with Houzeo’s flat fee MLS package:

IntelliList Management System: The system takes you to step by step through the preliminary paperwork, helps you upload photos of your property, and helps you set your buyer agent commission. The system only directs you to the paperwork necessary for you based on your location. Additional features like auto-populating data across documents and easy listing changes make this system a substantial time-saving tool. The system automatically fills out your listing information by taking data from public sources as per your pin code.

Houzeo App: Along with the website, you can even use the Houzeo mobile app to list your home. You can also manage showings and offers using the app. If you are a home buyer, you can surf through many home listings on the app itself as all the properties listed on the Houzeo website are available to view over the app.

Houzeo Showings: Houzeo Showings feature works just like an agent’s showing management tool. However, this tool doesn’t need a real estate agent to fix showings and open houses for you, and you can do all of it at your convenience and schedule them at a time convenient for you. Also, with its other feature, you can see if a particular buyer or real estate agent is verified. You can choose to provide information about your listing only to verified buyers and agents with Houzeo Showings.

Houzeo DigiTransact: This is a digital transaction management platform that helps you navigate your home sale transaction as per various milestones. The system sends you notifications when you need to take any action to reach a certain milestone. Even the third parties involved like the lender, buyer agent, etc. get alerts on upcoming tasks. The feature is available to all the home sellers who list with Houzeo.

Buyer Search Page: All the Houzeo home listings are marketed on the Houzeo website under their ‘Homes For Sale section. Buyers can access those listings and contact you directly. So, you can expect to be approached by unrepresented buyers with the ‘Buyer Search Page’ feature on Houzeo.

Closing Cost Calculator: Houzeo offers both buyers and sellers an advanced closing costs calculator. You can calculate the estimated cost of your home based on your selling price, location, and the presence of any down payment or mortgage.

Buyer Lead Management: You can manage all the buyer leads that come to you from various sources using this lead management tool. Generally, the information passes through a real estate agent before it reaches you. However, this is a great tool to access the buyer’s and buyer agent’s information all at one place.

Houzeo Offers: The Houzeo Offers platform offers you an interactive dashboard to compare different offers. You can filter the offers based on your preferences and even request the best and the highest offer.

How Houzeo works

Below are the basic steps showing how Houzeo works:

  • Step #1: As you register with Houzeo, you get access to a seller dashboard where you can upload listing information and property photos, submit documents, avail of concierge support, etc. 
  • Step #2: Once you fill in the details of your property, Houzeo lists your property on the MLS within a couple of days.
  • Step #3: Houzeo also integrates your MLS listing with 100s of top real estate websites like Trulia, Zillow, Redfin,, etc. for better exposure. You can even directly share your MLS listing on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Step #4: As the offers for your home start pouring in, you can use the effortless dashboard to manage them and make a counteroffer. 
  • Step #5: Houzeo also provides the facility of open houses and you can manage showings within the platform.
  • Step #6: After choosing the best offer, you can close the deal with a few clicks. The paperwork required for your transaction is digitized in Houzeo and so you can generate agreements at a click of a button. Closing can take place as per the agreed-upon schedule.


Houzeo has an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, not for nothing! Again, the company offers coverage across the country. With a host of positive reviews online, we would recommend you list your home with Houzeo to navigate your real estate transaction without sweating.

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