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House Interior Design Using AI in 30 Seconds

Redesigning your home exterior is an exciting prospect, but sometimes finding the perfect design idea feels impossible. Thankfully, artificial intelligence (AI) offers a solution! AI allows you to create fantastic house exterior designs in just 30 seconds. Curious to learn more about this fantastic invention? Keep reading!

What Makes AI So Special?

You might wonder why AI is different from other design tools. Here are three reasons:


Traditionally, designing takes time. You meet with professionals, review portfolios, share ideas, and go back and forth until everyone agrees on a single plan. But who wants to spend months waiting for their perfect home interior? Not us! That’s why AI steps in to save the day. Its super-fast processing power generates designs in seconds, allowing you to see numerous ideas in record time.


Design projects usually come with hefty price tags due to extensive labor hours and material expenses. However, since AI significantly reduces manual input, it cuts down on overall costs, making premium designs much more affordable.


Have you ever tried cookie-cutter solutions only to find they don’t perfectly fit your needs? We have too! Luckily, AI solves this problem by learning your preferences during setup. Based on your selections, AI creates truly bespoke designs catered to your unique personality.

Now let’s dive deeper into the world of AI-generated house exterior designs.

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Getting Started with AI Design Tools

Start by gathering pictures representing your desired outcome. Look online for inspiration or browse through magazines featuring houses with appealing façades. Once you collect enough photos, follow these steps:

  1. Upload Images: Log onto your chosen platform and upload the inspiring images. Some popular platforms offering AI design capabilities include AITWO, SmartHomeGenie, and MyHouseMaker.
  2. Choose Parameters: Next, select parameters based on your collected samples. Common categories include roof shape, window size, wall texture, door type, and landscaping details. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about everything – AI provides helpful recommendations along the way.
  3. Generate Ideas: After setting up your preferences, click ‘generate.’ Wait patiently as AI whips up dozens of creative options tailored exclusively for you!
  4. Review & Refine: Browse through the presented choices and eliminate unsuitable ones. Note what works well and adjust accordingly. Perhaps change a few hues or alter the dimensions slightly. Feel free to repeat step 3 as needed until satisfied.
  5. Finalize Selection: Pick your ultimate winner! Save the file and prepare to marvel at your newly transformed abode.

Before Interior Designing:

After Interior Designing:


Advantages of Using AI Design Platforms

Beyond speed, affordability, and customization, AI boasts additional benefits worth considering:

Accessible Learning Opportunities

While exploring the platform, users gain valuable insights regarding architecture, stylistic nuances, and current trends. As beginners explore diverse design options, they develop an understanding of fundamental principles, fostering growth and creativity.

Collaboration Possibilities

Some AI systems enable multiplayer interaction, inviting friends and family members to collaborate remotely. Such shared experiences strengthen bonds among loved ones and encourage cooperative decision-making.

Sustainable Choices

As environmental consciousness grows increasingly vital, selecting eco-friendly building materials becomes essential. Many AI platforms prioritize sustainability, guiding users toward greener alternatives compatible with their vision.

How to Get Started

Ready to transform your home with AI? Visit AITWO to explore cutting-edge AI-powered interior design tools. Simply upload a photo of your room or enter its dimensions, and within seconds, you’ll receive a personalized design plan tailored to your style.

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