Hottest Magento Development Trends in 2021 and Beyond

Magento Development Trends

Growing competition, a huge number of products and advances in e-commerce are forcing them to master new technologies and translate them into reality. The behavior of shoppers is changing, and with it are the requests put forward to the place of online shopping. Keeping abreast of current trends in the e-commerce market is the duty of every successful businessman. Magento service allows you to introduce many technological innovations to bring your store to a fundamentally new level. Check out the latest news on the market.

Voice Search On Website Is Transforming eCommerce

Marketing professionals track changes in user search style. Nowadays voice search is gaining more and more popularity (over 20%). Taking into account the growing interest of the audience in this opportunity, experts predict an increase in the current indicator of the number of voice requests by 2.5-3 times. That requires a significant revision of the applied sales technologies. The practical application of the voice search function must be properly optimized for successful comprehension:

  • search engines;
  • the largest marketplaces;
  • by the users themselves.

In turn, with the correct application of technology, sales growth cannot be avoided!

The eCommerce Chatbot Invasion

No operator can match the number of orders processed simultaneously with chatbots. Often it depends on the speed of service whether the purchase will be made or not. A correctly designed chatbot algorithm is constantly being improved so that its effectiveness only increases. The Magento platform provides a number of tools to effectively implement and integrate chatbots.

AR/VR Are Enhancing Online Shopping

A recently emerging element of Internet marketing – augmented virtual reality – quickly became popular with users. New products often generate interest, which is certainly important for increasing audience engagement and improving behavioral factors, as well as increasing sales.

Decrease Abandonment with Instant and Personalised Push Notifications

Unfinished purchases are considered a serious problem for the implementation of a commercial project. Failures are highly undesirable, and reducing bounce rates is the path to successful development. Neglecting tools like personalized push notifications can significantly reduce the bounce rate on your site, and therefore help:

  • reduce advertising costs;
  • increase profits;
  • improve behavioral factors in the eyes of search engines.

Magenta offers a number of solutions for integrating instant messages to the user.

Features to Make B2B Consumer-Centric

B2B is the most profitable cooperation scheme for all parties. Optimization of solutions and technologies for its application is the path to the development and growth of sales. It is important to create loyal conditions, which will help the Magento functionality. For example:

  • reducing transaction costs;
  • implementation of partnership programs;
  • optimization of the speed of execution of B2B orders;
  • sales through many channels and much more.

It is important to correctly configure the settings, which is better to entrust to true professionals.


It is not necessary to try to apply everything new at once – it is not always effective, it will be expensive, and mistakes can hardly be avoided. But being aware of the growing trends is essential for the development of any commercial project.

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