HOTO Show Off Smart Air Pump at National Hardware Show 2024

At the National Hardware Show 2024 in Las Vegas, HOTO gave exhibit attendees a sneak preview of its upcoming HOTO Air Pump Master.

This versatile air pump offers adjustable inflation pressure of up to 150 psi with precision output to within 0.7 psi. It operates bi-directionally, meaning it can both inflate and deflate–useful for packing away inflatable pools or beds.

The HOTO Air Pump Master can be used wirelessly thanks to its triple 2,450mAh batteries or connected to a DC power source, including a car outlet, for charging or sustained use.

The HOTO Air Pump Master comes with preset inflation profiles, allowing users to easily select the appropriate profile using the intuitive rotary dial controls and view the settings on the large digital LCD display.

In addition to performance, HOTO also prides itself on design, having won over 40 design awards in the past.

“We blend functionality with design aesthetics,” shared  Li Dan Liu, HOTO founder and chief executive officer. “Our attendance at the National Hardware Show reaffirms our commitment to driving innovation.”

Indeed, the HOTO Air Pump Master does sport a sleek look while still leaving a sturdy impression. HOTO claims that HOTO Air Pump Master is constructed using high-quality materials.

Ready for use right out of the box, the HOTO Air Pump Master comes with 12 accessories for all common daily use cases.

The HOTO Air Pump Master will launch on Indiegogo soon.

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