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Hotel business intelligence: A comprehensive guide

Data is the ultimate treasure for thriving hospitality institutions. It enables them to skyrocket their profitability and also aids them in staying ahead of their competitors. Data analysis can play an integral role in revenue generation for hotel businesses. You can grow your business by getting the right data. Hotel business intelligence gets cracking the issues of tracking, analyzing, and interpreting important data.

Every industry needs data analytics to crack the customer behavior code and incorporate improvements to the pre-existing operations; the Hospitality industry is no different. Hotel business intelligence is a fail-proof method of driving your business towards the top. Hotels generate abundant data on a day-to-day basis. This data includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, reservation dates, arrival, and departure details, communication preferences, and so on of the customers. You can buy the best quality commodities from D-ZEE textiles to elevate the revenue generation of your hotel. Hotel business intelligence allows hoteliers to study and analyze market trends and how they affect their customers’ behaviors.

How does Hospitality business intelligence affect hotels? 

  • Improved decision making: Hospitality business intelligence allows you to run your hotel business more efficiently. The solutions help you in decision making and make it possible and extremely simple to compare the historical data with the pre-existing data. This way, predicting future trends become easier. Predictive analysis can be done by comparing different metrics across any timeline. Running this check can also help your business to avoid potential losses and generate a higher degree of revenue. You can incorporate certain products like hotel towels in the USA to generate revenue. This can be done on a small scale, in the beginning, and if it works, it can be incorporated on a larger scale.
  • Elevates your marketing and revenue management strategy: Hospitality business intelligence makes raw data a simple task and helps you find out which of the hotel booking websites your hotel is registered in, is the most lucrative source. This cannot be done without BI as, managing raw data and analyzing it is a herculean task. Once the analysis is done, it becomes easy for the managing team to determine what marketing strategy to incorporate and which demographic to target.

What problems does hotel intelligence solve? 

  • Performance management: Starting a hotel business is an easy task but consistently keeping it unsubmerged is the real deal. Over time, it gets harder to make well-informed and efficient strategic decisions on a long-term basis. This is where BI saves the day. BI gives you relevant insights into how your business is doing today. This gives you a chance to mend your mistakes and change the strategies that are not working.
  • Losing customers: BI gives relevant insights into guest behavior and paying capacities. It makes use of collected data to determine the mindset of your customers. This gives you valuable information regarding their likes and dislikes and you can make the needful changes in your business to keep the interest of your customers intact.

Along with these major issues, Business intelligence also helps combat the issue of slow market response. All hospitality institutions should make use of business intelligence tools to make their hotels thrive.

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