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Hot Crypto News: VeBetterDAO Upcoming; MTAUR Ready to Rock the Market

Hot Crypto News: VeBetterDAO Upcoming; MTAUR Ready to Rock the Market

VeChain (VET) is poised for a significant milestone with the upcoming launch of its VeBetterDAO mainnet on June 28. The recent pause of the VeBetterDAO testnet is a strategic move to ensure a smooth transition, as the final preparations and voting processes are underway. This mainnet launch will introduce several innovative features, including a dApp listing validator mechanism and a comprehensive tokenomic structure to enhance governance and participation. Analysts anticipate that these advancements will boost VeChain (VET) and VTHO prices, reflecting growing market confidence and increased utility of the VeChainThor platform.

As VeChain (VET) prepares for this major upgrade, another promising project, there is a new crypto project that seems ready to rock the market. Currently in its presale, it offers early participants an 80% discount on its native token. The combination of VeChain (VET) strategic enhancements and the newcomer’s innovative approach provides exciting opportunities for those looking to diversify their portfolios.

Minotaurus – Crypto Project of Tomorrow

There’s been enough written about VeChain (VET) recently, so we choose to start with the newcomer. Other projects in today’s casual gaming scene don’t seem to have what Minotaurus has. This promises to be more than a simple crypto initiative. With the project’s vision, we can expect a highly engaging maze-running game that not only provides a blockchain alternative to a huge segment of the hypercasual genre but one that’s actually fun.

The premise is straightforward: players will assume the role of a minotaur who’s stuck in an endless labyrinth. Outside the game, right now seems like the perfect time to become a part of the project since there’s an 80% price cut for the token until the first stage wraps up.

Go the Distance with Minotaurus

The project finds itself in the middle of an expansion period of the casual gaming industry, expected to grow by nearly 9% annually in the coming years by Statista. This means it’s high time to get on board with the possible next big thing in this segment. Additional upsides of Minotaurus include extensive utility (Minotaur customization options, mini-games, speed boosts), varied holder benefits (referral, vesting incentives), and a highly engaged community.

As for the project’s future, a robust roadmap shows us the team is set to work hard to steer the project towards success. The presale price of $0.00004 per coin might be as good as it gets for quite a while, especially considering that tokens are going like hotcakes.

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VeChain (VET) Partners with Concordium to Boost Food Supply Chain Transparency

Now, let’s move onto the more well-publicized project. VeChain (VET) has announced a strategic partnership with Concordium to enhance transparency in the food supply chain. This collaboration will utilize VeChain (VET) supply chain management expertise and Concordium’s regulatory-compliant Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to improve data collection and traceability. Benefits include enhanced food traceability via QR codes, authentication to combat counterfeiting, and insights into ethical sourcing, all aimed at building consumer trust and regulatory compliance.

The partnership has positively impacted market sentiment, with VeChain (VET) seeing an increase in trading volume and price. Analysts believe this collaboration, along with VeChain (VET) ongoing innovations, could drive its price towards $0.03. The food industry’s focus on transparency and sustainability aligns well with VeChain (VET) and Concordium’s capabilities, making this partnership significant.

Additionally, the project’s VeBetterDAO testnet is paused for its mainnet launch on June 28. This upgrade will introduce features like a dApp listing validator mechanism and comprehensive tokenomic structures to enhance governance and participation. As the mainnet deployment approaches, VeChain (VET) aims to boost its platform’s functionality and user engagement.

The transition to the mainnet will integrate various tokens and initiate new governance proposals, promoting a more democratic environment. These changes are expected to increase the value of VeChain (VET) and VTHO, reflecting greater utility and market confidence. The alignment of these advancements with VeChain (VET) broader strategy suggests a promising future for the cryptocurrency.

The broader crypto market’s reaction to these announcements will be crucial. Positive sentiment and increased trading activity could lead to sustained price increases, while the successful implementation of VeBetterDAO’s features will likely strengthen VeChain (VET) market position. With a focus on transparency, sustainability, and governance, VeChain (VET) is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging trends and drive significant value for its users and stakeholders.


VeChain (VET) and Minotaurus (MTAUR) are emerging as standout projects in the crypto landscape. The latter seems better suited for market participants who want to be there before the project potentially “rocks the market”. Also, Minotaurus (MTAUR) seems geared more towards non-institutional players. After all, there is a 80% price cut and today’s entry point is rather low.





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