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Hostinger offers A Reliable And Cheap Web Hosting Worldwide

The existence of a website or a page can help an individual or a firm reach out to hundreds and thousands of people. Your business presence on the internet has become essential in modern times and possible with a reliable and cheap web hosting, for example, the Hostinger company can offer to you.

Online Presence Through Websites

The impact of the internet is undeniable. With speed and access to the online world improving in the last 3 decades, there is a significant population on the planet that now uses it daily. For any and all organizations, this presents an opportunity. From sales to disseminating information to employees to sharing data internally for supply chain, a good slice of one’s own online is key. Having an online website is an effective and cheap way for interacting with all. Having one’s own website is not without issues though.

Creating an online presence means that a computer has to be dedicated and  always connected to the internet, hosting the complete database that is accessible to users. The computer also needs specialized software that can run and support the website too. The element of having an IT expert (or a team of experts) also comes into play. Combined, the hardware, software and human requirements of being online can be very expensive and troublesome for many companies.

To make it easier for firms and individuals to get their websites up and running, there are dedicated web hosting firms. These firms essentially are a group of IT experts with access to the necessary hardware and software needed to keep web pages online. These service providers store the data of webpages on special computers with large hard disk capacities and multiple backups called servers. Whenever an internet user wants to access the website, they simply type in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in their web browsers. They are then directed to the right website stored in one of the servers.

These web hosting companies offer more than just webpages. They offer other add on services that makes it very easy for firms to keep their websites running and interactive:

  • Emails: Registered domains, against which the web pages are hosted, means that firms can have emails addresses of their own. These allow firms to establish another level of branding (e.g.
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol is a feature that allows domain owners to push data from their locally internet connected computers to the web host servers so that new data can be published online.
  • WordPress Support: WordPress is a feature rich software that allows users to build beautiful looking websites from premade templates. Nearly all web hosting platforms give support to WordPress and today it is not possible to give web hosting services without WordPress support.

Hostinger: World Class Web hosting

Hostinger  offers cheap and reliable web hosting to clients worldwide. With a simple concept of providing tools of the trade to unlock the potential of the internet, the company offers its services to nearly 129 countries across the globe and currently boasts over 29 million users. The cheap, yet high quality web hosting platform offers features that few rival:

  • Flexible Web Hosting Plans: Four specific plans that cater for a wide variety of clientele, each plan is designed to offer features that best suit their needs. Starting from as low as USD 0.99 per month, it offers a single website and one domain email with a free domain itself. For the most heavy users, it offers a cloud based services that has unlimited websites, domains and emails, along with backups, high end security such as SSL and much more.
  • Intuitive and Simple: Hostinger offers a one click setup that allows firms and other clients to instantly set up their websites and get the ball rolling.
  • Speed: The modern, cutting edge technological time of today is time bound. The crucial aspect means that website visitors have the pages loaded at lightning speed. This is made possible by Hostinger with their high performance scores.
  • WordPress Support: Clients can leverage the beauty of having a WordPress enabled website by installing the software on their domain through a one click process. LiteSpeed cache and advanced optimization means websites are up and running at all times with higher speeds.
  • Round the Clock Support: Hostinger never sleeps. With a 24 hour helpline and support staff that is even available on weekends and holidays, Hostinger is always available should any issue arise.
  • Web Site Builder Tool: Zyro is a web site builder tool that gives clients a better control over how their website should look like, with easy customizable options.

Give your business the online boost it needs with a reliable, cheap web hosting plan because there is no reason to waste your money, especially at your business begin, if you can grab such a good deal for such a great price!

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