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Honeymooning in Ancient Ruins: A Honeymooning Through Time

When newlyweds think of Couple Honeymoon Packages, they often think of beaches, sunset dinners, and luxury resorts. While some get stuck between mountains or beaches, others are confused between Kerala Vs Andaman for Honeymoon, which one to choose. 

However, for couples looking for a romantic yet adventurous experience, honeymooning in ancient ruins and exploring lost cities offers a unique blend of romance and history. To make your honeymoon unforgettable and deepen the bond, plan Honeymooning in Ancient Ruins.

 Why Honeymooning in Ancient Ruins is Ideal?

Honeymooning in ancient ruins offers newlyweds a unique blend of history and romance.

There’s something naturally romantic about historical places. The sense of history creates a magical atmosphere for couples to create lasting memories together.

Exploring lost cities and ancient ruins takes you back in time and promotes old-time romance.

Unlike usual honeymoon destinations, ancient ruins are a whole package of history, culture, and adventure, all in one.

You can explore ancient cities, marvel at architectural wonders, and immerse yourself in the stories of civilizations long gone.

Another benefit of honeymooning in ancient ruins is that they are located in remote areas away from the crowd, and promote intimate moments. 

Lastly, if you both are interested in exploring the history of a particular destination on your honeymoon, then why not plan a honeymoon filled with exploring lost cities?

Top Destinations for Honeymooning in Ancient Ruins

1. Chichen Itza, Mexico

One of the most famous Mayan cities, Chichen Itza is popular for its giant step pyramid, El Castillo, and the Great Ball Court.

Honeymooners can also explore the Temple of the Warriors, the Sacred Cenote, and the Observatory. 

When visiting Chichen Itza, you can’t miss the light and sound show at night, it is a must-attend for anyone.

2. Luxor, Egypt


Known as the “World’s Greatest Open-Air Museum,” Luxor is another iconic place for honeymooners with a love for history. 

It is famous for its collection oldest and most Ancient Egyptian sites and temples.

Some key attractions of Luxar include the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Karnak, and the Luxor Temple. Don’t miss the stunning Hatshepsut’s Temple.

As, this place is located near the Nile River, couples can enjoy a romantic sunset cruise, which is surely going to create an evening full of romance.

3. Hampi, India


Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in India, is famous for its stunning Dravidian temples, palaces, and the Tungabhadra River.

India has always been a prominent country in terms of history and culture, so Honeymooning in Ancient Ruins in India is never going to disappoint you.

Here, you can explore Virupaksha Temple, and Vittala Temple with its iconic stone chariot, and visit the Hampi Bazaar. 

For a more immersive experience, you can also visit the Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stables, which offer insights into how royal life was during the ancient period.

For some adventure, couples can climb Matanga Hill early in the morning for a stunning sunrise view, or maybe in the evening for sunset, depending on you.

4. Mycenae, Greece

If you’re interested in exploring the ancient cities of Greece, Mycenae is the perfect destination for your honeymoon.

During the ancient period, it was a major center of Greek civilization, it dates back to the Bronze age and holds some of the oldest ruins in the world.

Its major attractions are the Lion Gate, the Treasury of Atreus, and the ancient palace complex, its architecture, both interior and exterior tells about Greek culture.

5. Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal, one of the largest and most important Mayan cities, is a hidden gem for adventure and history-loving honeymooners.

Tikal is an ancient city located in the jungles of northern Guatemala. Its pyramids and other structures are surrounded by rainforest.

If you are confused about your honeymoon destination then without any doubt, choose Tikal.

The best time to visit Tikal is during the dry season, from November to April when the weather is pleasant, and there’s less chance of rain that might ruin your vacation.

Romantic Activities & Final Tips

It is advisable if you both are comfortable exploring the city without any guide because it will provide you with more private moments.

However, if not then you can always hire a guide who will take you through all the attractions while also providing information about them,

Capture your honeymoon memories, you will find professional photographers in every attraction. But, it is chargeable. Although, you can use your own phone or camera.

For some romantic moments, plan visits during sunrise or sunset, the soft, golden light enhances the beauty of the ruins and creates a romantic atmosphere.

Lastly, exploring lost cities can be a thrilling adventure, but remember some important things for a smooth experience.

Ancient ruins can be challenging to navigate, so prioritize safety. Walk on designated paths.

Always show respect for the local culture and the historical significance of the sites, and be a responsible traveler.


Above mentioned are the top destinations for honeymooning in ancient ruins. If you also love history and ancient sites and looking for a honeymoon destination with these qualities then do consider these destinations for a historical honeymoon experience.


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