Homelister Simplifies Home Real Estate Sales

Believe it or not, you no longer have to cross your fingers and hope that a real estate agent that you just met will prioritize the sale of your home, especially if they are popular enough to be juggling multiple properties all at once.

What if you could feel empowered and supported enough to sell your own home without having to spend the next six months dedicating your life to learning how to become a real estate agent?

This is why HomeLister is worth your attention, and it can be precisely what your dwelling needs to become a magnet for offers from buyers.

Like it or not, the traditional path of real estate sales shifts the control of how your home is sold to someone who is most likely very qualified but ultimately doesn’t have anything invested into the property as you do.

You won’t have a 100% transparent view of what is happening behind the scenes while offers from buyers are coming in or decisions are getting made before being brought to your attention.

Maybe the time has come for you to truly take on the opportunity of selling your own home online.

If you still need some convincing, just consider that if your house sells for $150,000, the 6% commission you would have to kick out to the real estate agent would be somewhere around $4,651 to $8,401. Would that money look better in your pocket than theirs?

HomeLister is the way to have a listing agent place you in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and all of the other real estate websites that are crucial for your home to get discovered.

Spend a moment finding out other reasons why selling your home has never been easier than now with HomeLister from the comfort of your own home (until you sell it).

1. Professional Real Estate Guidance

Don’t worry; you can be a complete novice in real estate and still sell your home using HomeLister.

If you ever find yourself running into issues above your understanding, you can get support from HomeLister experts through chat.

Consultants can also be reached during business hours by email or phone, making it possible not to make decisions entirely on your own because you can bounce thoughts off of the HomeLister support team.

2. Flat Service Fees

When you sell your place of dwelling with HomeLister, you simply pay for the real estate services needed in your situation to make buyers aware that your home is for sale so that offers can start to pour in.

You just pay these flat fees without having to give up on any profit percentages when the sale goes through.

3. Available Marketing Tools

Choosing a HomeLister online service package to sell your home puts you in a position to utilize similar tools and marketing materials that would get used in the world of traditional real estate agencies.

You will be able to get your hands-on open house signs, post yard signs, professional photography and aerial photography, 3D interactive video tours of your home, and customized marketing flyers for your open house events.

4. Free Listings

When dealing with traditional realtors, they charge the seller an average 6% commission fee based on the home’s selling price..

But when you use the online real estate services of HomeLister, you have permission to your home for free without having to put any money down and get your residence on the local MLS and real estate websites like, Remax, Redfin,, and Zillow.

5. Additional services

While you are selling your home, a transaction that is obviously of the utmost importance to your financial future, you may come across additional real estate marketing options that you want to put into action that you never considered.

HomeLister makes this easy for you by allowing you to purchase different services like professional photography, professional photography, aerial photography, a digital lockbox (Bluetooth and unique codes), a combination lockbox, extra wooden frame yard signs, and a 3D interactive video tour (Matterport/360 Degree Tour).

With the assistance of HomeLister, you get to sell your home on your own without having actually to feel like you are all alone in the process.

Reading many of the homelister reviews will help you understand while now is the time to simplify the process and see for yourself why other home sellers before were able to keep more of the profits in their pockets.

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