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HOMEBOURSE: The Click & Buy Marketplace for New Development

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In light of the National Association of Realtors’ groundbreaking settlement, which loosens restrictions on commission communication and negotiation, the real estate sales landscape is rapidly evolving. This shift has opened a window of opportunity for alternative models in selling real estate, prompting a seismic shift in the market. Enter Homebourse, a cutting-edge click-and-buy marketplace set to revolutionize how developers market and sell their new developments. With the power of Homebourse, buyers can now purchase new construction properties with the ease and convenience akin to shopping online on platforms like Amazon. Homebourse offers a suite of features including a customizable AI Agent, electronic offer management, and payment processing, streamlining the sales process entirely online. This platform empowers developers to reach global markets and enhance buyer satisfaction with a seamless purchasing experience.

Simply put, you can buy anything online.  Why not a home?  Now you can.

Homebourse empowers real estate developments’ sales teams to globally market and sell new construction properties with a cutting-edge technology platform.

Homebourse’s new super platform is changing the game for new construction sales teams with its customizable AI Agent, electronic offers and counteroffers, e-signing, payment management, and marketing solutions. Homebourse created a cutting-edge technology ecosystem for browsing new construction projects and buying properties with never-before-seen convenience.

Homebourse allows developers’ sales teams to showcase and sell their pre-construction and new developments online in a simple, streamlined process.

By integrating Homebourse into their sales toolkit, developers and their agents gain a unique blend of a listing platform and tech-powered marketing services for their projects. Homebourse simplifies the process, empowering developers to manage their projects’ listings, offers, counter-offers, and sign agreements all online. At the same time, buyers can experience the entire buying process online, from browsing listings to signing legal documents and managing payments. Homebourse makes remote and overseas transactions more user-friendly, helping developers tap into international purchasing power.

With Homebourse, developers get a branded Project Page under a unique subdomain ( showcasing available inventory, project information, and much more. It brings the in-person experience online, offering 3D tours and live video tours, with buyers receiving project-specific information and general information about the location and market delivered by Homebourse’s AI Agent and customer support team. The AI Agent is trained to provide detailed information about the project and converse with potential buyers. This AI Agent aims to facilitate searches, drive sales, and seamlessly connect users with realtors.

For large-scale projects, Homebourse offers to create fully customized websites, leveraging the ecosystem’s capabilities. This allows brands to showcase their distinctiveness and exclusivity with all of Homebourse’s innovative features.

For buyers, Homebourse provides a convenient way to browse and shop for properties. In its one-stop-shop platform, buyers can seamlessly discover, research, and purchase properties online. Homebourse ensures streamlined transactions with a full mortgage origination stack.

“It’s about time the real estate industry underwent a digital transformation,” said Istvan Fehervari, CEO and Founder of Homebourse. We want to streamline buyers’ home buying process while helping developers embrace the tech revolution and access global audiences.”

Homebourse elevates the pre-construction and new development sales experience for buyers and developers, bringing real estate sales to the digital age. For more information, please visit

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