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Hollywood Meets Blockchain; SmashChain Launches First NFT Collection with Legendary Horror Director

Smashchain Hollywood NFT

The blockchain industry is evolving in unprecedented ways. From Smart Contracts and Stablecoins to DeFi and NFTs, projects in the space are constantly finding new ways to leverage the technology. NFTs, in particular, have taken asset tokenization to a whole new level, having performed incredibly well over the past twelve months. Last July, reported monthly NFT sales volumes were under $400 million. Last month, NFT sales volumes were over $4 billion.

The seemingly unstoppable growth of the NFT sector is a sign of ever-growing interest in the asset class. Experimental projects are even applying NFTs to fields like gaming and other data-based enterprises that show promise. One such field is movies.

With digital art and collectibles witnessing growing traction, SmashChain, a network overseen by the Smash Collective, is creating inventive ways for markets to interact with non-fungible tokens. The Smash Collective focuses on developing technologies and creating better user experiences for creators, investors, and fans in the NFT space, and with its debut NFT collection launching on October 31, SmashChain is putting Hollywood on the blockchain.

The Director Series

Later this month, SmashChain is launching the first of its collections from, ‘The Director Series,’ which are a series of NFT collections produced in collaboration with renowned directors. The first collection will launch at the end of this month, and was made in partnership with Hollywood horror director Jack Sholder. Sholder is known across international communities for films like Alone In The Dark and Nightmare On Elm Street 2. His next film, Night Rose, will be the world’s first-ever film entirely financed through NFTs.

SmashChain is tokenizing all kinds of movie-related assets. For the very first drop in the Night Rose Collection, the synopsis, which is being split into 57 passages, will be tokenized and sold to fund the film’s production. This is a unique approach to funding movies, and with The Smash Collective’s wide range of partnerships with reputed creators and artists, this is far from the last of their NFT collections. Subsequent Night Rose NFT collections will feature other movie production assets such as original storyboards, character designs, the script, and more.

The Director Series collections are only the beginning. Future collections released will include NFT collectibles, high-quality artwork, and other tokens related to upcoming real-world projects. 

Between the 25th and 29th of October, the platform will open up pre-registrations for whitelisting users to mint their Night Rose NFT mystery boxes. Afterwards, the Smash protocol will randomly pick 550 addresses from the list of pre-registered users to be whitelisted for free minting, though a limitation of 2 NFTs per wallet address will also be imposed.

Whitelisted participants will be allowed to mint NFT mystery boxes this Halloween, October 31st. 67.9% of them will be available to mint freely on the Smashchain website, while 20.5% will be released on OpenSea at a later point in time. The Smash team will keep the last 11.6% for development purposes and conducting giveaways with the community.

Making Collections Worth Collecting

Fans and enthusiasts in the realm of NFTs will understand just how novel this model is, giving users the chance to own a part of history. With people spending millions of dollars on pixel characters like CryptoPunks, imagine the possibilities of having a movie character, or even movie scripts, tied to a purchasable tokenized asset.

Smash is bringing Hollywood and blockchain together, introducing itself as a breath of fresh air by offering unique ways to engage with the seemingly endless hordes of cartoon character collections, memes, and stories out there. The Smash Collective is also planning on launching its own NFT marketplace, which will offer additional services to help creators market, advertise, protect, and monetize their work. 

By giving users access to some of the world’s most exclusive, rare NFT collectibles, the Smash Collective and its team of renowned creators, extensive partner network, and expertise in tokenization, are curating a catalogue of the world’s most valuable NFTs.

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