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Holes In The Road Always Pose A Threat: How To Stay Alert

Holes In The Road

You may strive your best to stay awake while driving, service your vehicle accordingly and believe you are safe from accidents. However, the road you are driving on might have holes, increasing your chances of having an accident. Always be on the lookout for cavities on the road as you drive. The only sure way to be safe on the road with holes is to be alert. You must accept that gaps in the road always pose a threat, and this is how to stay alert:

Be Insured

Since you can never be sure when you will cause an accident because of the holes on the road, it is best to have insurance cover. Depending on the state laws of your state of operation, you can have a comprehensive insurance package that covers accidents resulting from potholes. Alternatively, you can also have the sinkhole insurance cover. According to the attorneys at the BrooksLaw Group, a sinkhole insurance plan can enable you to file sinkhole injury claims in Winter Haven and earn you fair compensation for your damages. It can also be easy for you to link liability for a sinkhole accident to the responsible parties with such a plan.

 If road construction companies are responsible for the road damages, you can sue them. Your insurance company will compensate you for your losses and damages and perhaps the loss of your loved ones.

Always Open Your Car Window

Did you know that breathing in some fresh cold air can help your brain function optimally? Keeping your car window open while you’re driving can ensure you do not doze off. A drowsy driver can fail to avoid holes on the road and increase his/her chances of causing an accident. The window will let in some fresh air, which will alert your senses. As you inhale it, your brain receives sufficient oxygen. An alert brain means you will be able to see all the potholes, read all the warning signs, and avoid the holes by all means possible.

Similarly, you can get out of your car and just take in some fresh cold air for a few minutes before you get back on the road. You can take it further and do some jumps and jogging to raise your heart rate. You can be sure to stay alert when you get back into the car. Furthermore, should you feel too tired or sleepy, you can park your vehicle safely and sleep for a few minutes. 

Avoid Driving While You’re Drunk

One can never emphasize this enough! Drunk driving is a significant cause of accidents. It can triple your chances of causing an accident on a road that has holes. If you must drink and travel, please let someone else drive the car. Alcohol can impair your vision depending on the amount of alcohol you consume. This means you will not be able to read the road signs warning you of potholes or road constructions ahead. You will not be able to see the potholes themselves, and all these increase your chances of causing a road accident on the road with sinkholes.


Have Enough Sleep

It’s always good to plan. If you have a long journey tomorrow, ensure you sleep early today. Get optimum sleep for you to function optimally the next day while on the road. Failure to have enough sleep can make you drowsy, and you can end up sleeping while on the steering wheel. You wouldn’t want to suffer the aftermath of such a mistake. You can be too sleepy to notice there are holes ahead and end up entering into them. 

You can also be too sleepy to realize you’re driving off the road where there are dangerous sinkholes and you raise your chances of falling into them. You can escape death, but sinkholes may wreck your car beyond repair. You can also suffer double losses; lose your life and lose your vehicle. You must sleep enough if you intend to drive soberly. Alternatively, you can pull up on the road, sleep in the nearest guest room, and continue your journey when you are more alert and awake.

Holes on the road indeed pose a serious life threat to all motorists and pedestrians. Therefore, to be safer, get yourself a sinkhole insurance cover if you live in the states that are more prone to sinkholes. Simple tips like having enough sleep before driving, avoiding taking alcohol, and opening your car window can also keep you alert. Avoid any distractions like listening to music or conversing with passengers as it can take away your attention from the road. You can fail to spot and avoid holes on the road.

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