Holders of Roaring Leaders’ NFTs Can Now Breed New Avatars and Monetize Their Assets

Based in NY and designed by Marvel Comics artist Carlos Dattoli, Roaring Leaders launches the new NFT $ROAR token, which allows its users to earn money through breeding their avatars

The Roaring Leaders NFT Ecosystem

Roaring Leaders is a unique deflationary collection of 10,000 generative NFTs with an artwork collection that includes more than ~200+ handcrafted traits. These distinct traits portray the spirits and energy of leaders of the world by representing them as animals of the jungle. 

There are only ~8,200 NFTs available right now from the initial pool of 10,000. The burning/elimination of certain NFTs will increase the price of existing ones in the deflationary economy. 

With the ability to earn up to 10 $ROAR tokens per day, Roaring Leaders allows users to breed their avatars and cash in on the appreciating value of their holdings, providing them with a steady income. In comparison to other projects, the yield from $ROAR is very rewarding. 

The new NFT collection can be created through breeding, and you can breed your cubs if you own both a male and a female. This is done through a tinder-style dating marketplace if you do not hold a male and female NFT. The cub is part of a separate collection. With a maximum supply of 10,000 cubs, the breeding process starts at a price of 600 $ROAR per cub and will increase for every 2,500 cubs bred. 

Roaring Leaders Price & Tokenomics

When staked, Roaring Leaders Cubs generate $ROAR. The $ROAR tokens allow users to auction and buy items from the Jungle store that can be useful for Metaverse users. You can purchase $ROAR on Sushi. They also have the ability to purchase lottery tickets for high cash rewards. Currently, the floor price of Roaring Leaders NFTs is 0.13 ETH, which is $580 at today’s exchange rates. 

Not only is it estimated to increase value over time, but NFTs can also be burned to create an elixir. The Roaring Leaders elixir gives holders of NFTs the ability to upgrade the rarity of one trait of another Roaring Leader NFTs, creating a decrease in the supply of the collection that increases the value for all holders. 

You can use $ROAR for scenarios other than breeding cubs, a form of investment in itself. Roaring Leaders recently announced the launch of a new recurring poker game which currently costs 100 $ROAR for a high prize pool of $4,000. The prize pool is expected to increase with every tournament. 

Roaring Leader is launching a paid mint of these cub NFTs as well and it would be priced in the region of ~0.1ETH each. However, RL NFT holders can generate it free of cost by using the $ROAR token. 

Access to Breedable NFTs

The Roaring Leaders breedable NFTs are available on OpenSea, one of the most well-known NFT marketplaces. But you can also access breedable NFTs through other networks. The animal theme is typically going to be evident when you hear the word ‘breeding’. 

Cyberkongz operates on very similar principles to Roaring Leaders. There are 1,000 ‘Genesis Kongz’ (Gorillas) that generate 10 $BANANA per day for 10 years. These Genesis NFTs can breed a baby but it costs 600 $BANANA to do so. Another Cyberkongz NFT (known as ‘VX’) has already evolved from 2D Digital Art into the Voxel-based Metaverse. 

Even aside from the breeding of NFTs, the tokens are capable of growing, adapting, and evolving. Roaring Leaders is well placed in the new industry of breedable NFTs. 

To learn more about the Roaring Leaders Collection, visit their website or check their current listing on OpenSea. 

About Roaring Leaders

Roaring Leaders is a unique deflationary collection of 10,000 generative NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Their artwork includes over 200 handcrafted traits to capture the spirit and energy defining the leaders of the world represented by the lions and tigers of the jungle. By staking the NFTs, users can earn $ROAR tokens as a reward. The Roaring Leaders can “mate” and breed a new line of avatars called the Roaring Leaders Cubs.

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