HLTH Network Will Now Launch On Avalanche (AVAX)

September 29th, 2021, London, UK – The has launched the base layer protocol for global health data and the associated range of products utilizing the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. has grown rapidly, prompting a switch to a faster network with lower gas fees to sustain the high volume necessary to accommodate the $10T healthcare industry. Their objectives are to quickly and efficiently implement their new ecosystem in order to become the worldwide solution for healthcare data sharing.

There are many problems in the healthcare data business. Patient data is often mismanaged or marketed without the patient’s consent. Due to the independence of healthcare providers and the authorities of different countries, it is difficult to communicate and share information between them. Because data is stored and utilized in a variety of systems, interoperability is challenging. Information is siloed or rendered useless because it is locked in a system that’s not compatible with others. It also can be impossible to verify patient data after it’s made its way into these closed-off systems.

Avalanche gives new projects the tools needed to create a wide range of decentralized applications (dapps). These tools are required for the HLTH ecosystem to work properly. This, along with purpose-built, project-specific blockchains, makes HLTH and Avalanche a great fit. The HTLH team will now be able to experiment and launch extremely ambitious projects without fear of overreach.

The usage of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) by Avalanche was the main factor in the choice. In light of recent market changes, EVM enables new projects to quickly transition from Ethereum to Avalanche with little friction and downtime. The Avalanche platform’s speed and scalability will enable to continue transforming the ever-expanding healthcare sector. It is capable of processing approximately 4,500 transactions per second, according to Ava Labs. This compares to Bitcoin’s 7 transactions per second and Ethereum’s 14 transactions per second.

Famous scholars, notably Harvard Professor George Church, founded the HLTH Network. It is the first blockchain-based genetics marketplace in the world. The HLTH team has been working on the project for over three years and is now ready to take it to the next level. The data marketplace encourages the exchange of genetic and healthcare data at a finer level. Researchers may use bioinformatics pipelines to examine data in the data marketplace in the Analytics marketplace, which also accepts third-party analytics and AI algorithms. Through the world’s first genome NFT marketplace, DNA and health data may be exchanged as NFTs to fund research into complicated illnesses. Finally, a Precision Medicine e-commerce platform enables businesses to sell and trade precision medicine-related goods, applications, and services, such as genetic testing, health insurance, data analytics licenses, nutraceuticals, diabetic apps, and other things.

In addition, the worldwide news service of HLTH Media covers next-generation tokenized healthcare. They concentrate on fresh concepts, people, policies, and creative approaches. HLTH Capital will also address the world’s most urgent healthcare problems by pushing the frontiers of science and technology as a key component of the healthcare ecosystem. Venture capital, new markets, network grants, and crypto-economics, to name a few. The primary goal of the HLTH Foundation is to encourage adoption, strengthen collaborations, guarantee stakeholder responsibility, and assist in the growth of global token-based health communities, particularly in developing healthcare systems.

About Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem. Developers who build on Avalanche can easily create powerful, reliable, and secure applications with private or public blockchain networks. Avalanche gives you complete control on both the network and application layers–helping you build anything you can imagine. The Avalanche (AVAX) token is the native token of the Avalanche platform and is used to secure the network through staking, pay for fees, and provide a basic unit of account between the multiple subnetworks created on the Avalanche platform.

About will be the world’s first base layer protocol alongside aggregating all health data into one world repository to increase accessibility, usability, interoperability, and clinical research on a global scale. Integrating this repository with the blockchain gives users sovereign ownership over their data and increases transaction efficiency. The blockchain is transparent, secure, and functions across jurisdictions, creating a more fair data-sharing environment. The HLTH ecosystem contains a vast amount of products that will appeal to professionals across the industry.

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