Hit the Road: 3 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Car Travelers 

Modern technologies have penetrated into all spheres of our life. Now, your smartphone is not only a means of communication but a multi-functional tool that comes in handy in various situations. For example, when you go on a road trip by car. 

Yes, you probably want to take a break from gadgets when traveling. Still, don’t rush to put them in your pocket. Your phone can become a search engine, navigator, guide, and planner all rolled into one. For this, you just need to install a few applications on it. So, check out the list of useful software that will make your ride easier, cheaper, and more efficient.


What road trip is possible without a navigator, especially if you are traveling in an unfamiliar area without mobile coverage? Fortunately, MAPS.ME helps you find the right route even in such conditions. This application provides offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation around the world and has an audience of over 140 million people. 

To use the application in offline mode, you need to download the maps of the required regions in advance. MAPS.ME makes it possible to search for restaurants, cafes, hotels, or places of interest. At the same time, the built-in navigator will help you get to your destination. Plus, you can bookmark your favorite places and routes and share them with your friends. 

Application benefits: 

  • offline work; 
  • wide coverage; 
  • convenient GPS navigator; 
  • guidebooks for popular routes; 
  • voice navigation; 
  • high detalization.


If you are traveling away from home and physically unable to use your car, collecting a cheap car rental at your destination will be the right decision for your road trip. The app offers convenient booking at thousands of locations in the US and around the world. 

For example, you plan to drive around Southern Montana and want to book a Budget car rental Bozeman. First, you download the application, and second, enter the required location and travel dates in the search field. The program will show you deals from all companies providing car rental in Bozeman Airport. Your task is to choose the right car and complete your reservation. The same applies to any location. 

Application benefits: 

  • cheap rates and extra discounts 
  • serving 60,000 pick-up locations in over 180 countries 
  • fast on-the-go reservations 
  • free amendment and cancellation 
  • 24/7 support


TripAdvisor is an application with traveler reviews of attractions, restaurants, and hotels. During its existence, customers have left more than 1 billion reviews. The service makes it possible to plan your trip to the smallest detail, based on the advice and impressions of other users. 

Imagine that you want to find the best beaches in San Diego or family-friendly attractions in New York. All the necessary information is available in the application. 

With TripAdvisor, you can book a hotel room, a table in a restaurant, or buy tickets for cultural events. Favorite places can be bookmarked to make it easier to return to them in the future. After visiting interesting places, you will be able to leave a review about them and attach photos. 

Application benefits: 

  • a huge database of reviews; 
  • searching for attractions, restaurants, and hotels “near me”; 
  • possibility of booking tickets and hotels; 
  • availability of offline mode; 
  • convenient rating system.

Navigation, car search, and route planning are the main components of a self-guided road trip. They can be a challenge for beginner travelers, but thankfully, the three apps from our review will make life easier. If you’re going on a road journey, install them on your smartphone and enjoy every moment mile after mile.

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