Hirsh Mohindra on How Northshore Clinical Labs is Expanding

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted individuals, families, and small businesses. Unfortunately, it has also exposed many of the inadequacies in our healthcare system, research system, and supply chains. Now, Northshore Clinical Labs is attempting to change all of this. The cornerstone clinical group is expanding, thanks to Hirsh Mohindra, the Director of Operations at Northshore Clinical Labs. These efforts create new opportunities to improve health and medical infrastructure by providing new diagnostic and treatment options.

The Biggest Needs During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has come in waves during the past few years; however, several needs have remained constant. Right now, there is not enough testing for those who need it. Even though many people would like to get tested for the virus, there are not enough testing sites throughout the city. 

Furthermore, research efforts are still underway to identify new treatment options for those infected. Even though it is good news that many people have gotten vaccinated, the reality is that people are still getting infected by the thousands. They deserve proper care.

Northshore Clinical Labs Expands Testing Capabilities

Fortunately, scientific professionals, such as the team at Northshore Clinical Labs, are working hard to expand testing capabilities. The first step is to figure out where the bottleneck is located. Is the jam that there are not enough tests to go around? Is the backup the lack of available people to administer tests to those who need them? Or, is the bottleneck in processing the tests once the left has received them?

Northshore Clinical Labs decided to work around the clock to get results back to people more quickly. So often, people are quarantining as they wait for the consequences of their tests. The team from Northshore Clinical Labs didn’t want people to wait longer than they had to, so they decided to work longer hours to get the results back to patients. The result was that PCR tests began to come back in 12 to 18 hours.

Northshore Clinical Labs Promotes Collaboration

One of the ways to overcome a lot of the problems created by the pandemic is to work together. But, unfortunately, there is a lot of competition within the scientific community to see who can come up with answers first. This is not the best approach for public health.

Instead, Northshore Clinical Labs has focused on creating collaborative opportunities. As a result, numerous companies are working to address the same problems throughout the Northern Illinois area. Now, team members can access new business development opportunities, technology, tools, and talent. That way, there is a strong network of people working together to advance the business community and find ways to overcome some of the biggest problems facing society today. 

Looking to the Future

While there are a lot of talented professionals working together to address problems, including those created by the pandemic, the future is still being molded. Even though this type of collaboration is essential for success, it can also be a challenge for people to come together and agree on everything. 

The future of the scientific and business communities throughout the Northern Illinois area will be determined by talented professionals and leaders who drive the ship. Northshore Clinical Labs is honored to play a role in shaping that future. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Hopefully, life will find some semblance of normalcy as the coronavirus pandemic continues to run its course.

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