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Many people get confused about hiring photobooth in Sydney. There are lots of scammers out there who charge extra on bills. When I hired a 360 photo booth for my daughter’s 5th birthday, it turned out to be the worst experience because the company charged more than I had agreed upon. While I’m unable to disclose the name of the company, I want you to be aware. Wedding photography and photobooth hire are crowded markets, so it’s important to be aware of what companies are doing. 

In the end of the blog, I explain which company I found to be the best for photobooth hire in Sydney, as well as the differences between a traditional photo booth and a 360 photo booth which many of you have asked from me. 

What is Photo Booth Technology?

In the 21st century, photo booths have become one of the most significant inventions in entertainment. As the name implies, it’s a portable booth or kiosk that takes pictures of you and your besties in front of a backdrop, while having fun with props (or without). The photo booth is an ultimate fun machine that allows you to create pictures in the most creative way.

Nevertheless, photo booths are more than just places to take pictures. Recently, photo booths have become a standard fixture at weddings, corporate events, and even private parties. In addition to posing with props, guests make new friends, and hosts receive copies of the photos after the event. 

What Is 360 Photo Booth Technology

Nowadays, 360-degree photo booths are all the rage. The traditional photo booth is becoming obsolete because of this new machine that can take slow motion pictures and videos in 360 degrees. It is actually a video booth that captures 120 frames per second, which is often called a 360 photo booth. 

A 360-degree rotating video camera grabs slow-motion video as soon as the user steps on the platform. I personally believe that it is an amazing content capture experience, which is perfect for clients who want to add excitement to their live event or brand experience. 

Choosing between traditional and 360° photo booths

For some people, photobooth hire is not an easy task. It’s true that we’re all drawn to technology, and the automatic option (360 Photo Booth) might seem the most exciting, but there are advantages and disadvantages to consider for both options. In comparison to manual or traditional photo booths, 360 Photo booths create more amazing video. It makes events more memorable and unique.  While the 360 Photo booth offers many benefits, there are also some drawbacks that we should be aware of. It’s obvious that you should not jump off a podium while a camera is spinning around it. 

However, I have seen young children as well as drunk adults who don’t always follow the rules. Photo booths should first be explained to clients by companies that provide these services.

Photobooth Hire Sydney

Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia. There are many photo booth providers in Australia but there are few who provide the quality service. 

Reputation of companies 

The importance of reputation cannot be overstated in the service industry. Look at the projects previously done by the company or the reviews mentioned on various platforms. This will help you in making the right decision. If the company does not have any reviews, you must think before selecting it for your important event. 

Most importantly note that whether the company has at least had any reviews in the last three months.This will give you an idea of how the company is working and what should be expected. Finding 2 bad out of 100 good reviews is not fair play. Check out what the reviews are and if that problem could happen to you as well or not. Also, see how the company handles the situations and replies to the bad reviews. It will help you sort which is the best photo booth hire for your event.

Furthermore, reviews help you see what problems companies have. For instance a review talks about the working of a photo booth and how it is difficult to use. This will allow you to make a decision to hire an operator with it. You can take your time and compare several companies and their reviews and then shortlist which you consider are the best photo booth hire.

However, if you have hired a photo booth previously, you might have had more knowledge of the booths. Thus, this will be much easier for you to do. It is still recommended to keep an eye on the rental you are approaching because you never know when it turns out to be a bad experience.

Team Check

It is crucial to have a good team by your side. With the support of the company team, you most probably will not face any technical issue. However, if you are facing an issue, you can immediately contact the team. Look for the previous responses of the team and whether or not they have solved and helped other customers well or not. If  you are seeing an unresponsive team, consider it a red flag.

Explore their services

The foremost essential thing to consider is looking into the services you want to avail. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, look if the company is providing relevant services along with the props or not. It will also help you make the budget. Compare offerings of multiple companies and select the one that you think is in your budget. Avail discounts if offered. Companies always strive to provide the most alluring services to customers. However, don’t be a cheapskate because it can be risky. A low fair company may not be as good as a high faoir company. Therefore, alongside the offerings and services, make sure to check reviews.

Check out their setup

The way someone sets up things is important to consider when engaging them. Photographic teams are not usually judged by people when they are hired. There are many factors that can affect the executive plan, such as its style, design, capabilities, budget, and form.

Closed or open

Open booths or closed booths are available based on your preferences. In contrast to a closed booth, an open-air photo booth has no structure to ensure privacy. Additionally, it is also applicable to live events. Anyone who is interested can watch what is happening in the booth. Because of this, many people enjoy having their photographs taken after they’ve already had theirs taken by someone else. Your guests can have fun without anyone watching them with a closed photo booth. As a result, you can include fewer people in a photo taken in a closed photo booth.


Props are usually charged for by some suppliers, but there are also some that don’t charge for them. It is also possible for companies to use standard templates that are branded with their logo in order to create a branded website. There are some companies that provide customers with custom-designed templates, whereas others use standard templates that are available on the internet.


Having our 360° photographers take guests’ photos without hiring multiple professional photographers makes for a great event experience.

Best Photo Booth Rental Sydney

Are you considering hiring a photo booth in sydney? Are you having a hard time choosing the photobooth to hire australia. Don’t panic! Spinpod 360 has got your back. 

Spinpod 360 is an efficient and authentic photobooth hire sydney. You will get a responsive team, an alluring 360 photo booth to give your guests a quality time. 

With proven quality experience, Spinpod knows how to make things right. Thus hire the best photo booth in sydney and make your event even more special.


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