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Pedestrians are always at the risk of being injured in accidents, especially because there are drivers in Houston who don’t care for the rules. After getting injured in such a mishap, you would want to get compensated at the earliest so that you can tackle the financial mess and look ahead in life. You are probably wondering whether you need a pedestrian accident lawyer Houston for your case. There is no law in Texas that makes it mandatory to hire an attorney for such claims. However, hiring a lawyer could be the most important step in initiating your claim. Here’s more on what you need to know.

Remember that insurance companies don’t care

People often assume that the insurance company will listen to their woes and help them financially by clearing their claims. However, these companies are only interested in saving as much money as possible, and the claims adjuster will do their best to delay the processing of your claim. In fact, they may even deny your claim or undervalue your injuries to suit their interests. The fact remains true, no matter whether you are seeking compensation from your insurer or the driver responsible for the accident.

Because you cannot trust the insurance company for their tactics, you should get a pedestrian accident lawyer on your side. Top Houston lawyers can see through such ways and means of insurance adjusters and can negotiate a higher settlement.

You could be dealing with serious injuries

More often than not, pedestrian accidents have more devastating outcomes for pedestrians than drivers or vehicle passengers. Hiring an attorney becomes all the more important when you are seriously injured or have suffered a blow that is likely to prevent you from having a regular life. Insurance companies will try to convince you that your pedestrian accident claim is worth a lot less. An attorney can help determine what the case is worth, and if needed, they may even go to court. Lawyers are skilled in presenting cases at trial, for which they may even adhere to aggressive tactics.

Representation in settlement negotiations

One of the key reasons why you need an attorney is to represent you in settlement negotiations. Keep in mind that insurance companies are not here to help you. In fact, they would do everything that they can to deny your claim or reduce what they pay for your damages. Attorneys are skilled at negotiations and are capable of seeing through tactics that claim adjusters use. You can expect your attorney to discuss the settlement with your interests in mind.

Dealing with the paperwork

With any legal case involving an accident, there is considerable paperwork involved, and you need an attorney because you wouldn’t have the time for all that. Lawyers can also ensure that there are no unwanted mistakes in documents and evidence, as the insurance company and the other side will look for loopholes. They will also ensure that you are not harassed by the insurance team for a statement.

File a lawsuit

You have a deadline of two years to file a pedestrian accident lawsuit, counting from the date of the accident. If your case needs to be pursued in court, your lawyer will take care of the proceedings and secure you the best possible outcome.

Get an attorney so that you don’t have to deal with the consequences of a pedestrian accident alone.

It doesn’t cost a lot

Hiring an attorney for a pedestrian accident case doesn’t have to cost a lot. Most attorneys work on a contingency fee, which is a share of the final compensation. If you don’t win, you only pay the attorney for basic case-related expenses.

Get an attorney as soon as possible after a pedestrian mishap in Houston.

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