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Hire Shopify SEO Agency Only After Asking These Questions!

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One of the biggest and most informed decisions any online business owner can make is of outsourcing their SEO requirements. By bringing experts on board, you can eliminate a wide range of issues that you might have faced by deciding to take matters into your own hands.

But, hiring a Shopify SEO company is easy said than done, given there are multiple SEO providers out there. And none of these providers is created equal. Some are obviously better than others. And your main task is to find an agency that is better and capable of meeting your SEO requirements and achieve a successful Shopify SEO campaign.

So, how will you know if you have found the right Shopify SEO company? Well, raise these questions to determine –

1- Will you help obtain more backlinks to our site? How?

The answer you receive to this question will give an idea of where the service provider’s mindset lies.

If the company experts dodge this question or do not have a solid strategy detail to share, there is a good chance that they have no idea of how to find leads.

Unless you own a mid-sized business or enterprise-sized company, link building won’t matter. However, it can help with website ranking and building trust in customers.

2- What is your process of keyword research and analysis?

Keywords play an indispensable role in your SEO strategy. You might want to hear about a certain type of research from the expert’s end when asking this question.

The experts at the Shopify SEO company must know how to find high search volume keywords and how to incorporate them effectively across the site without them looking stuffed.

3- Will you analyse my competitors?

Competitor analysis is imperative, especially when your business belongs to an overly saturated marketplace.

If your competitors are thriving and making better profits, then it is crucial to determine what is working for them. The in-depth analysis gives a digital standpoint of the competitors and helps to find some great information. From being able to see what your competitors are targeting to what strategies they are using, competitor analysis can unveil a lot of things for you.

4- How much percentage of your work is dedicated to technical SEO?

Technical SEO and audit can be a huge job if you own a website with tons and tons of pages. Therefore, asking this question is crucial. You will obtain an idea of whether you will receive effective services or the service providers will cop out.

When it comes to small or mid-sized companies, SEO experts should be able to straighten out the issues and keep an eye on them, so things don’t go crazy. Typically, the experts should devote 25% of their time to technical SEO.

5- Will you take care of on-page SEO, or my in-house team will have to look after certain things?

To be honest, it is the Shopify SEO company’s (you wish to work with) job to look after every aspect of your on-page SEO. In fact, they must do the optimization on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry about changing trends and algorithms.

Typically, on-page optimization is part of the content. The experts then take time to check the progress regularly to identify what search engines are ranking the same.

6- How will I know if things are working?

Your basic idea behind hiring a Shopify SEO company is to let your brand become visible, make profits and expand over time. While some benefits of SEO may be visible in the form of traffic and increased ROI, there are other aspects that you might want to know about, too, including search engine ranking, position in the marketplace, and so on.

A reliable SEO company will ensure to track your brand’s online success through every angle and share reports regularly, so you are in the loop, too.

Over to you

Raising these questions should give you an idea of whether or not you are working with the right Shopify SEO company. You can include a few more questions as per your necessity to dig deeper.

In case you aren’t satisfied with the service provider’s answers, shop around!

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