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Hire A Virtual Assistant! Give Your Business A Boost

Entrepreneurship is challenging, exciting, and rewarding, among other things. It’s what you’ve always wanted! Managing your mundane, recurrent activities takes up a substantial portion of your day, leaving you with very little time to do what you love, helping people (read customers) live better lives. 

It’s always possible to return to your original love, expand your business, and network with prospective clients.

It would help if you outsourced your routine, time-consuming, and necessary activities to a virtual assistant.

Because of the freedom they provide and the diverse skill sets, they bring to the organization, many entrepreneurs and small enterprises pick virtual assistants as their first employees.

Virtual assistant services enable entrepreneurs like you to be more productive and make the most of your time. Before you get into how to recruit the best virtual assistant for your business, let’s become acquainted and understand the duties they may support you with regularly, recurringly.

What is the definition of a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Virtual Assistants are multi-skilled individuals who assist business owners and executives to become more productive. They, like administrative assistants, work from distant locations and have flexible working hours. Furthermore, virtual assistants manage activities like an email responses, appointment scheduling, data entry, trip bookings, and more.

Why do you require the services of a virtual assistant?

Small businesses need help managing things independently as they grow. Administrative activities, order management, and payment processing may appear simple initially; nevertheless, as your business grows, the number of these tasks will increase, necessitating the use of a virtual assistant( ).

What exactly do virtual assistants do?

Virtual assistants handle all chores that do not necessitate your direct involvement. Virtual assistants can help you with everything from responding to emails to setting up meeting reminders, organizing your schedule, and even booking your favorite restaurant for those key meetings.

Virtual assistants are multi-talented, motivated individuals that can benefit any firm.

While their tasks may change in different industries, such as real estate, where they may help meet follow-ups, or a media organization, where they may coordinate amongst the artists, they are very adaptable and rapidly adjust to the needs of their clients.

The Advantages of Using a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants directly impact your daily productivity and can help you scale your business. They can effortlessly manage all your tasks because they are well-experienced, highly certified, and trained specialists. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a professional for virtual assistance.

  1. It is less expensive than hiring a full-time staff.
  2. There are no overhead fees, taxes, or 401(k) benefits.
  3. You can hire them for a few hours per week/month, depending on your needs.
  4. Hire them for specialized tasks such as bookkeeping, project management, email response, meeting minutes recording, trip arrangements, and social media profile maintenance.
  5. More professional and personalized than answering services.
  6. Easy scalability – As your firm grows, hire virtual assistants.
  7. Greater dependability, trust, and discretion than freelancers.
  8. Faster onboarding when compared to regular employees who must be inducted, trained, and so on. A process that may take many weeks.
  9. Devote extra time to your business’s goals, clientele, and so on.
  10. Improve your work-life balance by delegating time-consuming, routine tasks that do not necessitate your direct participation.

Tasks that can be delegated to a Virtual Assistant

Because of their diverse skill sets, virtual help specialists can handle any work. You can employ them to do office administration, follow up with clients, answer emails, and even coordinate your massive projects on your behalf.

Here are some examples of duties you can outsource or assign to virtual assistants:

Email Administration

According to a study, entrepreneurs and professionals spend approximately 28% of their workday reading and responding to emails. That equates to 2.6 hours per day spent and 120 messages received.

Not only that, but it may take up to 16 minutes for you to refocus on the task you were working on before the email notification occurred and disturbed your concentration. That’s a lot of time that could have been spent more productively elsewhere.

This time and more can be saved by assigning this time-consuming but necessary work to your virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant will handle your inbox and ensure that no critical emails go unopened or ignored while keeping you up to date on those that require your attention. They can also unsubscribe you from irrelevant emails, allowing you to clear your inbox of spam and diversions.

And, if you’re concerned about privacy and data security, you’ll be relieved to know that virtual assistants provided by companies are pre-vetted and sign an NDA before beginning work for you. Isn’t that amazing?

Schedule management

Every entrepreneur and small business owner understands the difficulties of organizing, scheduling, and ensuring that everyone who has to attend meetings does so. It is sometimes necessary to send emails back and forth and coordinate with people in various time zones.

While scheduling software is valid, you must still manually update the meetings, which can be time-consuming.

A virtual assistance specialist may also help you manage all of your meeting requests and schedules, as well as provide you with regular updates and reminders.

As an entrepreneur or executive, your days are frequently filled with meetings. A virtual assistant may aid you in scheduling meetings, organizing your schedule, managing your to-do list, and ensuring that all appointments are attended.

Workflow administration

Virtual assistants are skilled, efficient organizers who can aid you in developing a systematic workflow system to track the performance of your projects and team. Furthermore, they are well-versed in the most recent software and technologies to assist you in managing several projects simultaneously and tracking each team member’s progress without having to follow up with them individually.

Entering data

Customer data management and gaining valuable insights are critical for any successful organization. Your virtual assistant can assemble and organize new data, cross-check old data for inaccuracies, keep project records, and translate that data into detailed reports for your review. Still, it is undoubtedly a time-consuming process that may leave you tired at the end of the day.

Creating invoices

It would help if you spent more time as an entrepreneur closing deals than writing bills and invoices. Your virtual assistant specialist can execute this duty precisely and efficiently, ensuring that all statements delivered to clients are correct and exactly what they purchased. They not only produce invoices but also send them to clients and follow up on pending payments.

Travel Preparation

As you expand your firm as an entrepreneur or professional, frequent travel becomes a part of your life. However, travel planning is time-consuming and necessitates extensive research into the finest travel, lodging, and food alternatives. In this case, your virtual travel assistant may be extremely useful in managing your travel needs, from booking tickets and arranging accommodations to directing you to the best options in town to impress your clients.

They can also schedule your meetings, giving you adequate time to recover and settle. Furthermore, they can study numerous eateries or sightseeing spots to visit on your travels if you have time.

 Online investigation

Every firm must regularly research the newest trends, competitors, and industry developments. To develop a winning strategy for your company, you must stay current on industry trends, client behavior patterns, and the performance of your competitors.

A virtual assistant is knowledgeable about modern research methodologies and can offer research papers clearly and understandably.

Editing and proofreading

Your communication must be error-free to make a good impression on crucial clients and associates. A virtual assistant can review and edit your emails and other documents before they are sent out to ensure they are grammatically correct.

Meeting transcripts

Many daily meetings make it easy to forget knowledge or overlook critical details. Your virtual assistant can virtually attend your meetings and submit the minutes afterward in either a straightforward or quick style.

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