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Online scams are getting more elaborate every single day. Whether you are a cryptocurrency user, a Forex trader, or simply an Internet user, there is always a possibility of losing money due to virtual fraud. Even the most experienced Internet users cannot always recognize a scam, and nobody is fully immune to hackers. Luckily, there are ways to return your money safely and deal with scammers effectively. If you have any issues with your money online, you can benefit from the best crypto recovery service or file a broker complaint if needed. Services like Broker Complaint Alert provide professional advice and assist throughout the money recovery process.

About Broker Complaint Alert

Broker Complaint Alert (BCA) is a professional service that helps fraud victims who deal with crypto scams, investment scams, and other types of virtual fraud. The goal of BCA is to not only help and find the solution after losing your money to fraud but also prevent people from dealing with scammers. This is possible thanks to the helpful customer support of Broker Complaint Alert, as well as thorough lists of blacklisted traders, brokers, and cryptocurrency users. You can get assistance with Internet scammers regardless of the country you live in. Here is how working with BCA goes:

  • Assessing the case — each client has a consultation with the specialists to go through the details of the issue and find the right expert who will continue with the process of money recovery.
  • Customer support — any client can expect incredible customer care as managers are always ready to answer all the questions that might arise during the recovery process.
  • Recovering funds — BCA contacts all the right authorities and banks to retrieve the stolen digital currency or invested money.
  • Custom services — every fraud case is different, and Broker Complaint Alert offers a tailored strategy for every customer. After gathering the necessary information, it is evaluated meticulously to deliver the best solutions.

When working with online traders and brokers, every client expects certain services and terms and conditions of the deal. When traders fail to meet customer expectations, the latter ones can file a respective complaint. Here are the situations in which you can file a complaint to receive good quality services or return the money:

  • Broker complaints — if a trader or broker fails to comply with the terms and conditions of your deal or denies certain services such as money withdrawal, you can file a complaint.
  • Blacklist of traders — you can contact BCA specialists to navigate the blacklists and find if your trader is a scammer. It is also possible to add any new scammer brokers to the list.
  • Broker withdrawal — sometimes, brokers prevent their clients from withdrawing money or add more fees to receive funds. In this case, a complaint is also needed to receive the appropriate services.
  • Tracking disappearing brokers — one of the popular scams is taking money from Internet users and disappearing. If you need to find a trader who took your crypto and ran, you can track them and return the funds with the help of BCA.

Different types of complaints can be filed based on your specific case. Contact client support if you are unsure about the exact help you might need. The managers will guide you through the process up until recovering the money.

BCA works with different types of online scams:

  • Online — various cyber scams that can fit into different categories;
  • Credit card — scams related to stealing money from credit cards;
  • Crypto — cryptocurrency scams are common on blockchain, even though this technology is quite secure;
  • Forex — many online scammers pretend to be Forex brokers and steal funds from traders.

With BCA specialists, you will be able to find the best solutions for your specific case.


Broker Complaint Alert is a reliable service that helps clients recover money after scams. Recovering lost crypto and fiat currencies is possible thanks to BCA. With the extensive blacklists of brokers that already exist, you can prevent some unfortunate trades as well.

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