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HIKMICRO’s European and Global Ambitions Heat Up with the CONDOR Launch


In a daring advance into the global market, HIKMICRO, a frontrunner in thermal imaging technology, has unveiled the CONDOR monocular. This launch signifies a significant stride in the company’s European and international outreach. With a revenue surge to $399 million in 2022, the tech giant is setting new benchmarks in an industry poised for expansion.


EXPLORING the Spectrum of Success with HIKMICRO

HIKMICRO’s innovation journey has propelled the brand from a niche market to a preeminent position in the outdoor thermal imaging sector. The company’s strategy has been to capitalize on thermal technology and extend its reach to a broader audience. “Our goal is to integrate thermal imaging into everyday life,” shared a HIKMICRO brand manager, reflecting a vision that’s as much about anticipation as technology.

With the debut of their 17μm 384×288 / 640×512 detectors in outdoor products in 2018, the brand has seen a steady ascent in the industry. The LYNX monocular, a standout product, was particularly well-received, gaining favor with over 100,000 hunters. Four years later, in 2022, HIKMICRO’s sales soared to 399 million USD, a significant year-on-year growth of 26.1%. This impressive growth trajectory positioned HIKMICRO as the third in global shipments. It cemented its status as a first-tier outdoor brand and the most rapidly growing entity in its sector.

Moreover, the brand led the market with its high thermal sensitivity 20mK products, setting new standards in thermal imaging. Additionally, HIKMICRO made a significant leap by releasing its first digital day & night vision product, further exploring visible light imaging technology. These milestones underscore HIKMICRO’s escalating influence and market penetration, reflecting its commitment to innovation and quality.


Unleash the EXPLORER in You at the Great Outdoors

In 2023, HIKMICRO cemented its status as a rapidly advancing and innovative brand, adapting its product lines to various outdoor activities. The brand’s influence is particularly notable in transforming hunting from an essential survival skill to a modern social movement, a change driven by HIKMICRO’s integration of high thermal sensitivity 20mK technology and other advanced features in its products. This technological prowess broadens access to top-tier thermal imaging. It underscores HIKMICRO’s dedication to superior image quality, usability, and reliability, ensuring each product surpasses user expectations in diverse outdoor environments.

The launch of the CONDOR epitomizes HIKMICRO’s innovative spirit, showcasing the perfect blend of new technologies into other industries and recreational activities. The CONDOR illuminates this technological mastery with its advanced 20mK thermal sensitivity and Zoom Pro feature, representing significant advancements in thermal imaging capabilities and setting new benchmarks in the industry. These technical upgrades symbolize a leap in thermal imaging precision and user experience. “Our designs prioritize the EXPLORERS, ensuring that each product is intuitive and reliable,” stated the brand manager.

Highlighting CONDOR’s design is its ergonomic grasping shape, crafted for optimal operational ease, and its robust magnesium alloy housing, ensuring durability for prolonged use. The device’s user-centric design also features replaceable batteries, an ergonomic interface, and a magnetic lens cover for easy handling, all combining to guarantee that the excitement of the hunt is uncompromised. Additionally, including a Laser Range Finder (LRF) function further enhances the CONDOR’s utility, offering users precise distance measurement capabilities in various outdoor scenarios.


Plotting HIKMICRO’s Path with the EXPLORER’s Map

As HIKMICRO eyes the future, its narrative remains one of discovery and innovation. The company’s R&D is committed to delivering high-tech solutions that address user needs. “Our ’EXPLORER‘ spirit guides our venture into new business areas,” the brand manager remarked.

With a vision to transition thermal products from niche to mass markets, the brand is dedicated to democratizing this advanced technology. The concept of “EXPLORE” is now a focal point, steering the brand towards new business areas like nature and diversifying product scenarios. The CONDOR launch, on the other hand, symbolizes the brand’s journey and a precursor to its future. As the company continues its quest for innovation, its mission is clear: to enlighten the world with thermal imaging, making the invisible visible and the impossible possible.

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