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Hikaya: Redefining Music with His Unique Sound and Strong Voice


HIKAYA is an independent artist rapidly reshaping the pop music sphere with his captivating blend of storytelling and genre-defying soundscapes. Born in Sweden with Lebanese heritage, HIKAYA’s musical odyssey began at the tender age of 16, fueled by a burning desire to craft songs and master the guitar. This self-taught prodigy meticulously honed his instrumental abilities, vocal technique, and production expertise, culminating in a sound that resonates deeply with his unique persona.

A Name Rooted in Narrative

The artist’s chosen moniker, “HIKAYA,” translates to “story” in Arabic, a deliberate selection reflecting his core philosophy. HIKAYA’s music transcends mere sonic entertainment; it serves as a vibrant tapestry woven with profound narratives. Each song acts as a distinct chapter, brimming with a kaleidoscope of emotions, expressions, and experiences. This philosophy finds its most vivid expression in his debut album, “Wonders,” released in November 2022.

A Genre-Bending Masterpiece: Wonders and Beyond

“Wonders” is a sonic revelation, a dynamic fusion of pop-rock elements seamlessly interwoven with neoclassical influences. This audacious blend creates a soundscape unlike anything mainstream, a testament to HIKAYA’s artistic fearlessness. Building upon the critical acclaim garnered by “Wonders,” HIKAYA released “Miracles” a year later. This thematically and sonically cohesive sequel delves deeper into the established soundscape, captivating listeners with its familiar yet innovative sounds. However, HIKAYA’s creative spirit is perpetually in motion.  He recently announced, via his thriving social media presence on TikTok and Instagram, that a self-produced third album is on the horizon.

A Homage to a Musical Legacy: The MALICE MIZER Tribute

HIKAYA’s artistic versatility extends far beyond his original compositions. A self-proclaimed devotee of the legendary Japanese band MALICE MIZER, HIKAYA embarked on a heartfelt side project to commemorate their 30th anniversary. This tribute, a meticulously crafted cover album, achieved immense success on Spotify, surpassing 1 million listeners worldwide. HIKAYA’s masterful interpretations and captivating performances breathed new life into MALICE MIZER’s music, sparking a renewed exploration of the band’s legacy amongst a new generation of music enthusiasts on TikTok HIKAYA.

A Vocal Powerhouse with Unparalleled Range

The incredible vocal range that HIKAYA possesses spans four octaves, which enables him to smoothly move between the alto, countertenor, tenor, and lower baritone registers for his singing. The combination of this exceptional skill and his trademark sound results in an engaging listening experience that spans genres and connects with a wide range of audiences.

A Rising Star: The Future of HIKAYA

With a flourishing discography exceeding 30 tracks, HIKAYA is undeniably an artist on the rise. His unwavering independence, fervent passion for storytelling, and unparalleled vocal prowess culminate in a musical kaleidoscope brimming with unique vibes and styles.

Explore HIKAYA’s world on social media and delve into his music on Spotify or Apple Music. This captivating independent artist possesses a unique sound, a boundlessly creative spirit, and a relentless drive to push boundaries. He is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving landscape of pop music.



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