Highly Demanded Job Designations for NEBOSH IGC Certified Professionals

Highly Demanded Job Designations for NEBOSH IGC Certified Professionals

Nebosh stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health based in the Uk. This board offers qualifications that are recognized globally and cover safety, health, and risk management. You can find health and safety job advertisements in a significant amount that specify the worth of Nebosh courses and training. 

The Nebosh course is ideal for people who want to pursue a career in the field of safety and health management. Nebosh qualification does not require any previous safety and health academic background; only little familiarity with the English language will do the job. If you are looking forward to pursuing a career in the field of occupational safety and health then you must do the Nebosh course and it will help you or boost your career journey. 

If we talk about the Nebosh course fee, it varies on the level of qualification you choose. But IGC (International General Certificate) is very famous and most commonly pursued by people across the world, therefore, we will give you an idea about the Institute and cost of Nebosh IGC certification.

Types of Jobs Related to NEBOSH

Here are various types of jobs related to the Nebosh certificate:

Health and Safety Executive: 

The job of the health and safety executive is to protect the people at the workplace. It includes protecting and guiding the members of the staff to reduce the risk to their health while working. 

Health and Safety Manager: 

The job of the health and safety manager is to make health and safety policies and plans, and assessment of the risk. He also provides training, conducts investigations of the incidents, and provides recommendations to make the workplace as safe as possible. 

Risk Manager: 

The risk manager takes care of the comprehensive insurance of an organization. He also develops and executes policies to eliminate risks of almost every type.  

Warehouse Manager: 

The warehouse manager supervises warehouse activities on a regular basis. His job includes space management, inventory control, floor productivity, shipping, logistics, and customer services. 

Environment Health and Safety Manager: 

This is a two-way job that includes only the protection of humans from the health hazards of the environment but also the protection of the environment from human hazards. The environment and safety manager provides consultations and policies to make the workplace as safe as possible. 

Site Supervisor: 

The site supervisor manages and controls all the workers, operators, and subcontractors at the construction site. He also develops and executes policies to reduce any kind of health risks and makes the workplace as safe as possible. 

Field Safety Officer: 

The job of the field safety officer is to manage the risks related to the health of employees working in the field. He also develops policies and plans to make the work environment safe and secure.

Health and Safety Coordinator: 

The health and safety coordinator coordinates with the safety manager or with the management and ensures the implementation of all the policies and plans related to the reduction of health and safety management. 

Fire Safety Officer: 

The fire safety officer deals with the risks related to fire. He makes policies to overcome the risk of the workplace, or the site getting on fire. He also guides and trains workers about the steps to take in the case of an emergency to control the fire.

Health and Safety Auditor: 

The health and safety auditor collects independent information about health and safety measures and evaluates the overall performance of the plans and policies related to health and safety at the workplace.

Health and Safety Specialist: 

The health and safety specialist mitigates the health hazards at the workplace by making and executing policies related to health and safety. It is a very respected job and most people with bachelor’s degrees in occupational health and safety management are eligible for the post of health and safety management. Nebosh level 6 qualification can help you to be a health and safety specialist.


A Nebosh certificate holder is eligible for the all above-mentioned jobs. It is very unlikely that you do not get employment after completing your Nebosh course. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people who are looking forward to pursuing a career in the field of health and safety management must go for Nebosh certification. 

It does not need any technical background or a higher degree to enroll yourself in Nebosh courses and get your certification. Only a little knowledge of the English language is enough to do the Nebosh qualification. 

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