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Higher Accuracy as Compared to Conventional Wheel Aligners to Boost Adoption of CCD Wheel Aligners – Fact.MR Study

CCD wheel aligners

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that vehicle owners get their wheel alignment checked twice a year, depending on how often they drive. Due to the enormous workload, maintaining wheel alignment roughly three times a year becomes critical for large vehicles. CCD wheel aligners, for example, are modern wheel aligners that perform alignment procedures with greater accuracy and in less time. This has accelerated the widespread use of CCD wheel aligners in garages and vehicle manufacturing plants.

The CCD wheel aligners provide a 360-degree assessment of conventional undercarriage and alignment values. Furthermore, they can be used on any vehicle, from passenger cars to big trucks. According to Fact.MR, global CCD wheel aligner production is estimated to reach around 774 thousand units by the conclusion of the assessment year. CCD wheel aligner output is predicted to rise at a rate of 4.2 percent between 2017 and 2026, according to the estimate.

The owner of the car is concerned with long suspension life, decreased wear and tear, and lower maintenance costs. This has changed the vehicle’s maintenance routine, with wheel alignment being one of the most important duties. The use of modern wheel alignment equipment has increased as people have become more aware of the need of correct vehicle alignment and the consequences of poor alignment.

Few Other Segmental Insights

  • In comparison to auto manufacturers, sales of CCD wheel aligners in garages are expected to generate modest revenue. Due to their higher investment strength, auto manufacturers are better equipped than garages. Garages, on the other hand, are projected to pick up speed in the coming years as the use of CCD wheel aligners grows.
  • CCD wheel aligners for road cars are expected to produce more sales than CCD wheel aligners for off-road vehicles. By the end of 2026, sales income from road vehicle wheel alignment is estimated to exceed US$ 2.5 billion.

Enhanced Usage of Wheel Aligners

Bad road conditions have a negative impact on the wheel arrangement in cars and other heavy vehicles. As a result, it becomes critical for the vehicle’s operator to have proper wheel alignment in order to maintain effective control over the vehicle’s steering in order to avoid road accidents.

As a result, the usage of wheel aligners has become increasingly crucial, owing to an increase in the number of road accidents caused by misaligned wheels. During the forecast period of 2022-2032, this is estimated to result in a 230 BPS increase in the CCD wheel aligners market.

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