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High Recommendation from Doctors to Further Trigger Demand in the Global Diabetic Shoes Market – TMR

Diabetic Shoes
  • In the coming years, rising diabetes incidences all over the world are expected to benefit the global diabetic shoes market.
  • Regularly wearing of diabetic shoes has significantly improved the outcome and substantially enhanced the overall quality of life of diabetic patients.

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Diabetic shoes, commonly referred to as therapeutic shoes, are specially developed and manufactured for diabetic individuals. The risk for various skin-related problems in diabetic patients is diminished by these shoes. In the coming years, rising occurrences of diabetes all over the world are expected to benefit the global diabetic shoes market. The primary goal of a diabetic shoe is to prevent complications such as ulcers, strains, and amputations in diabetic patients.

Diabetic shoes are typically recommended by doctors for diabetic patients. The purpose of wearing such advised shoes is to alleviate several diabetes problems, such as poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy in the lower limbs. These shoes have been shown to be incredibly effective in treatment and prevention many forms of foot ulcers, as well as a variety of toe and foot-related ailments. As a result, the global diabetic shoes market is anticipated to rise in the coming years as the significance of these shoes grows.

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The global diabetic shoes market is projected to grow at 8.1% CAGR over the forecast tenure, from 2016 to 2024. With this rate of growth, the market is estimated to attain a valuation of around US$ 9.9 billion through 2024. Regularly using diabetic shoes has significantly improved the outcome and significantly enhanced the overall quality of life of such individuals. In addition to this, the usage of such shoes can reduce or eliminate the high expense of professional care services such as diabetic foot ulcer treatment and amputations. In the next few years, this factor is projected to fuel demand for diabetic shoes. Demand for new layouts and more convenience has increased, which is anticipated to bode well for the global diabetic shoes market. Furthermore, growing awareness about the availability of such shoes is projected to boost demand in the global diabetic shoes market in the years to come.

Key Findings of Market Report

  • High Prevalence of Diabetes Worldwide to Accelerate Growth of the Market

In accordance with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), there are around 415 Mn diabetic people across the globe, with the number expected to increase to 642 Mn through 2040. The global diabetic shoes market is primarily driven by this large population. The market is presently growing steadily as a result of increasing disposable income amongst the urban population, who are informed of diseases caused by poor blood flow in the foot. People are prepared to spend so as to avoid consequences such as gangrenes and ulcers. Another driver moving the market in a good direction is research and development for product development, since newer items provide more comfort. Furthermore, the focus on quality and innovation in the composition of new therapeutic shoes so as to increase performance is likely to have an impact on the global diabetic shoes market. In addition to that, the survey notes that diabetic shoes are becoming increasingly popular amongst the elderly.

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  • Increasing Disposable Income to Spur Demand for Diabetic Shoes in the Market

According to WHO (World Health Organization), diabetes is one of the leading causes of death with many people suffering from the condition  High prevalence of diabetes indicates at the importance of diabetes prevention and management. This feature has aided in the acceptance of diabetic shoes, resulting in the growth of the market.

Furthermore, the market’s expansion has been impacted by rising disposable income and increasing purchasing power. The urban populace is fully aware of the measures that a diabetic patient must take. In addition to that, governments are raising public knowledge about diabetes and the advantages of diabetic shoes. Physicians highly advocate this product to patients, leading to the growth of the global diabetic shoes market.

Diabetic Shoes Market: Growth Drivers

  • Diabetic patients can now prevent various major foot issues with the guidance of footwear professionals and physicians because it accommodates and stabilises deformities, relieves areas of extreme pressure, limits joint mobility, and reduces shock and shear.
  • These shoes have proved to be extremely useful in the treatment and prevention of diverse types of foot ulcers and therefore deter various problems related to foot and toe.

Diabetic Shoes Market: Key Competitors

  • Advance Diabetic Solution
  • Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.
  • DARCO International, Inc
  • Apex Foot Health Industries LLC
  • Orthofeet Inc.
  • Podartis Srl
  • Johnson & Johnson

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