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High Power Industrial Burners Market to be Swayed by Power Generation and Oil & Gas sector

The cost of high power industrial burners has risen in the last few years. This could be reasoned with the tariffs being raised in North America. Research gets conducted in North America and Europe, whereas rough castings get (for burner components and burners) get produced in countries like China and Taiwan. Thus, the objective of low pricing gets fulfilled herein. Persistence Market research has walked through these facts with probable steps to be taken in future through its latest market study entitled “High Power Industrial Burners Market”.

High Power Industrial Burners Market Dynamics

The global high power industrial burners market, by type, spans regenerative burners, high velocity burners, impulse burners, radiant burner, customized (burner boilers), flat flame burners, oxygen burners, sinter burners, low & ultra-low NOx burners, and flameless burners. By design of burners, it’s mono-block high power industrial burners (single-stage and two-stage), and duo-block high power industrial burners. By fuel type, it’s gas, oil, and dual. By rated power, it’s 1 to 5 MW, 5 to 10 MW, 10 to 20 MW, 20 to 50 MW, and 50 to 100 MW.

By application, it’s boilers, steam and gas turbines, HRSG, furnace/forges, hot air generators, and incineration. By end-use, it’s metallurgy, power generation (CHP & CCHP, thermal, and biogas), oil & gas, cement & refractories, chemicals & petrochemicals, industrial co-generation plants, district heating, pulp & paper, marine, and municipal waste incineration.


Out of these, regenerative burners hold the largest market share, followed by flameless burners. Persistence Market Research has profiled these facts with the corrective/preventive measures to be taken in its latest market study entitled “High Power Industrial Burners Market”.

Region-wise Analysis

North America holds the largest market share. This could be credited to the US being a highly developed region with regards to high power industrial burners to address the verticals like metallurgy, power generation, and oil & gas. The US government is also into investments in municipal and construction waste, which is driving the market further. As far as Europe is concerned, Germany leads from the front with growing demand from the power generation and oil & gas sector.

The MEA is amongst the most lucrative markets in the forecast period with the oil reserves being brought into operation. The Asia-Pacific is also not behind. Persistence Market Research has sketched these findings along with calls to action in its latest market study entitled “High Power Industrial Burners Market”.

The Competitive Slice

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key players in high power industrial burners market as Babcock Wanson, Honeywell International Inc., Thyssenkrupp, Alfa Laval AB, Baltur S.p.A., Andritz AG, Oilon Group Oy, ELCO Burners, SAACKE GmbH, Tenova S.p.A., Weishaupt Group, ZEECO Inc., Astec Industries, Inc., Enervise, Inc., Volcano Co., Ltd., and Olympia Co., Ltd.


Persistence Market Research has not missed to mention the latest course of developments herein. For instance – Baltur S.p.A., in February 2021, did come up with novel dual block burners belonging to the TBR series. They are exclusively designed to cater to applications in huge thermal units, and, to get installed on the water-tube heat generators. Also, Forbes, in March 2021, did announce its joint venture with a company that is a part of Altios Group for Flemish Bio-Energy Plant Builder Vyncke. The name of the company is “Maier Vidorno. A year before, ANDRITZ Group did acquire the entire stake in Finland-based Enviroburners Oy.

How’s the Road Ahead?

The global high power industrial burners market is poised to post a healthy growth between 2021 and 2031 – Persistence Market Research

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