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High ping? Try these effective FIXES to lower your ping

High ping

High ping? Try these EASY & QUICK fixes to lower your ping

Ping is one of the key factors contributing to a good online experience, especially in online games. High upload and download is great but high ping ms is so bad. Why is it? What is ping? Understand more about ping right in the post below. 

High ping

Learn about fixes to lower your ping

What is ping ms?

Ping refers to the time a data signal is sent from one device to another and returned in a network connection. Its measurement is milliseconds (ms).

Ping means the delay time on the connection. Thus, the higher the ping is, the longer the delay you might experience while online. This is in contrast to download and upload speed. 

  • Upload speed determines the amount of data sent from your device to the Internet.
  • Download speed determines the amount of data transferred from a server to your device. 

That’s why we need download and upload speeds as high as possible. 

High ping

What does ping ms mean?

Low ping is good but What is a good ping test result? Visit to check your current internet speed. If your ping is under 150ms, your connection is acceptable for many common online activities such as surfing the web, watching movies, and playing online games. However, if the result is higher than 150ms, you might get some network problems. 

What causes high ping?

Is your ping result good enough? YES or NO.

Don’t worry if the answer is no. We’re here to help you find out causes and fixes to lower your ping. But first, you need to know what affects your ping.

There are a range of factors influencing your ping rate, and some are under your control. Here are common causes you should consider: High ping

Causes of high ping

How to lower your ping?

Lowering ping can not be as difficult as you think. Sometimes, with just a few manipulations, your ping can be improved a lot.

Take a look at some effective and simple fixes below:

  • Restart your router: Surprisingly, restarting the router can improve your ping. If your device has been running for a while, it can be full of temporary memory, and get some bugs or glitches. The restart button will result in a better ping rate.
  • Get closer to the router: Wifi signals are transmitted through the air and there are many wireless interference like microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices,… Limit this interference by getting closer to the router. 
  • Use a VPN: This is a great way to lower high ping and also a common way for gamers. By encrypting your data, a VPN can help you avoid throttling by making it impossible for your ISP to recognize the sort of traffic you’re creating. Besides, if a gaming server is only available in certain countries, a VPN can allow you to connect to a server closer to your location, potentially lowering ping.

High ping

Use a VPN to get a better ping


  • Close background programs: Unused programs running in the background consume bandwidth a lot which makes your connection slower. Therefore, close all unnecessary programs, tabs, and apps. 
  • Use an ethernet connection: If possible, you should use a wired connection because this type of connection offers a more stable and faster speed. 

Apart from the 5 easy fixes above, there are still other effective ways such as game settings, upgrading the router, wifi interference, upgrading the internet plan, etc. They are mentioned and analyzed fully on Visit and understand more about this issue.


High ping is annoying and causes interruptions while being online, especially when playing video games and streaming. Fortunately, there are some tried and tested fixes to lower high ping such as restarting the router, using a VPN, disabling background programs

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