High LTV Platform YouHodler Adds 10 Coins to its Portfolio


The last two years have been particularly hard for the global market and that is the very reason the DeFi sector has risen so much. YouHodler is a crypto fintech service platform that allows users to invest in different options such as loans, exchange, holdings and earnings. Recently, it has expanded its portfolio by adding in 10 major coins in its already vast portfolio.

10 Coins, But Top 100

YouHodler has announced in its latest press release that it has added the 10 coins after careful deliberation. Although they are few in quantity, all of the new additions are in the top 100 coins listed on CoinMarketCap, making these extremely reliable and highly sought after.

The latest inclusion coins all belong to reputable platforms that have a history of profitable services. The listed coins are:

  • AVAX (Avalanche)
  • 1INCH (1Inch Network)
  • CAKE (PancakSwap)
  • ATOM (Cosmos)
  • BTT (BitTorrent)
  • FIL (Filecoin)
  • NEAR (Near Protocol)
  • ELGD (Elrond)
  • ZIL (Zilliqa)
  • FTT (FTX)

Users of YouHodler will be able to receive a high yield on these coins, with the fintech platform offering the highest in the industry for ZIL and FTT (up to 5.5%). These coins join the ranks of coins that are already being offered on the platform, which include BTC, ETH, BNB, XRM, HT, USDT, TUSD, USDC, HUSD, PAX and PAX.

Loans, Earnings and More

YouHodler offers its users different ways to make money. While keeping cryptocurrency savings for long terms is a preferred strategy of many people around the world, simply holding on to these does little to help apart from appreciation over time – and only in the case of regular cryptos, not stablecoins.

Through YouHodler, people can take these idle assets and put them in different investment options that allow them to make a passive earning to supplement not only their income but increase their portfolio size as well:

  • Savings: Earn up to 12% APR through compounding interest by depositing sitting assets in YouHodler’s Saving Accounts. Payments are made every week so users can cash out their profits easily without disturbing the principal amount.
  • Loans: Don’t sell your crypto assets if you need money. Put them up as collateral for as high as 90% LTV for BTC and USDT. Users can even take out loans in fiat should (EUR, USD, GBP and CHF).
  • Multi HODL: Put a portion of your portfolio in high gains options. Be warned though, high gains come with risks.

YouHodler also gives its users the option to exchange their assets. This includes crypto to crypto swaps, stablcoins and fiat. Unlike major exchanges which can be a tedious task to go through for an average person, YouHodler offers an intuitive and hassle-free method to exchange assets.

Why YouHodler?

Designed to overcome the challenges faced by the public in crypto investments, YouHodler is a CeDeFi platform that merges centralized and decentralized financial industry to offer the best of both worlds. Easy on and off-ramp means people can use their credit cards to instantly buy, sell and invest in cryptos. The use of DeFi based services allows greater than normal earnings and renowned security technology from Ledger means all your assets are kept safe.

CEO and Co-Founder of YouHodler, Ilya Volkov talks about how YouHodler is helping the public, 

“DeFi allows consumers to earn interest on their capital through farming and staking but the process is challenging and not that much user-friendly. And with staking you need to lock 2 times more funds than you might want to since you need both the token and USDT.”…“We’re seeing a lot of demand for these specific projects, they have growing communities and as a CeDeFi platform we want to remove the burden from our users and allow them to benefit from this economy.”

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