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High Influence of Social Media Platforms and Targeted Advertising to Propel Growth of Data Brokers Market

Over the years, data has emerged as a key game-changer in many sectors and industries. Today, tons of data is generated per minute around the world. Data is truly the new oil in today’s generation. The advancement of the IT sector and the rising number of gadgets having the potential of capturing and transferring data has increased rapidly. Hence, the growing popularity of data collection has given rise to various sub-sectors such as data brokerage. Hence, the expanding influence of data collection and transfer is expected to boost the growth prospects of the data brokers market in the upcoming period.  

 Data brokers can be defined as companies or organizations that collect data on various individuals through a variety of methods and techniques. They are involved in buying data from public records and online activity as well as buying web history or selling it to other organizations or companies for advertising and marketing purposes. The prime objective of a data broker is to gather and store personal information as well as behavioral data from a variety of offline and online sources without people’s engagement directly. Thus, the rising prominence of data is expected to bring substantial growth to the data brokers market.  

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 Research and development activities are crucial for the data brokers market. The players invest extensive amounts in these activities for expanding their lens on innovations and the latest technologies. These activities help the players to increase their influence across the consumer base. Thus, these activities eventually help in increasing the growth rate of the data brokers market.  

 The players indulge in strategic collaborations. The players indulge in acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, and partnerships for strengthening their prominence across untapped regions, ultimately contributing to the growth of the data brokers market. The overwhelming use of data brokers across sectors like healthcare, banking and finance, media, automotive, government institutions, retail, e-commerce, and others may bring exponential growth for the data brokers market. Companies in the data broker sector deal with various data types such as custom structure data, unstructured data, and structured data.  

 Rising Popularity of Targeted Advertising to Bring Considerable Growth for Data Brokers Market 

 The influence of social media has risen exponentially over the years. Social media platforms are being used by a large number of the global populace. These social media platforms offer product advertising options for garnering revenue. The players in the data brokers market collect data through such advertisements and provide considerable help to the brand vendors. Hence, the use of targeted advertising may prove to be a beneficial factor for the data brokers market.  

 However, with the benefits of data collection, come disadvantages too. Data collection is done unknowingly or without the consent of the people using social media platforms. This aspect violates their right to privacy. Hence, such data collection techniques have faced substantial backlash. This factor may prove to be a hindrance to the growth of the data brokers market. In addition, concerns are also raised about providing accurate geolocations of certain individuals to third-party vendors. Such threats dent the growth prospects of the data brokers market to a considerable extent.  

 North America to Emerge as Crucial Regional Growth Contributor for Data Brokers Market 

 Among all the regions, North America is prognosticated to serve as a prominent growth-generating region for the data brokers market in the upcoming period. The rising influence of big data organizations in the region and the high volume selling of large data amounts may add fuel to the growth opportunities of the data brokers market in the region. Furthermore, Asia Pacific is also proving to be a beneficial region for the data brokers market.  



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