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High-growth Global FinTech Innovator; Interview with Jonathan Squires, CEO of

High-growth Global FinTech Innovator

Today we sat down with Jonathan Squires, CEO of, a high-growth investment trading fintech group of companies which has seen tremendous growth and has a bright future ahead. Jon tells us about himself, the business, and his vision to make the financial world available to everyone.

Can you give us a quick introduction about 

In very few words, is a high-growth global FinTech innovator in the trading and investment industry and our mission is to make investing in financial markets easy and accessible to anyone.

Why was set up and what is its purpose?

We set up because we want to make trading and investing accessible to everyone. If you think about it, access to financial markets has historically been confined to large institutions, because of the high barriers to entry and excessive complexity. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest their money however they like and to have access to the necessary education to do so. This is why we built a web and mobile-based platform that is simple to use, fairly priced and equipped with large amounts of educational content.

And what makes different from the competition?

Our main differentiating factor is our focus on education and with eQ,’s patented AI trade bias detection system, you can better understand how your trading behaviour could be improved. We strongly believe that if we provide the right amount of education material and online learning support, anyone from first time traders to veteran investors can become more confident.

Our free education app, Investmate, is built to make complicated finance as straightforward as possible. The app delivers extensive financial lessons and educational content in a clear and plain interface to support our traders in their investment journey. It offers bite-sized courses and lessons which are presented in the form of handy cards and identifies biases and unconscious behaviour in order to help traders reduce emotional biases and improve their approach to trading.

You are the CEO of How would you describe yourself and what is your role in the company?

I am a fintech enthusiast, locked in to see where the next innovation will come from. I’ve been lucky to work with great companies and incredible people during my career, and I’m currently working at one of the world’s fastest-growing fintech groups. I joined as CEO to grow the business into new markets internationally.

For more than 20 years, I have concentrated on building new and high-potential brands into market leaders, working at a senior level in companies such as GlobalData, Trinity Mirror Digital and The Stars Group. My strengths in online commerce, corporate strategy and new market entry have led to direct and significant impact on the market share of each company I have worked in, and it is this direction I have brought to

What recent developments are you especially proud of?

There have been many! I can think of our expansion into Asia, the Middle East and Australia, and the incredible team we have been able to build in all these markets. As I mentioned earlier, we had incredible growth results over the last 18 months. And let’s not forget receiving the accolade for the platform with the highest overall client satisfaction levels in the UK. These achievements are testament to our commitment and efforts to build a great company and a fantastic platform for our clients. 

What is your vision for’s future?

We are growing extremely fast. In 2020, our client base surged by 700% globally, while our volume of trades increased by 65% over the same period. This growth has continued into 2021, with the first half of 2021 reporting a 400% growth in new clients compared to H2 2020. We also recently expanded into Australia and Asia, and are planning to launch in the United States very soon. We are also considering a potential outside investment or public listing. 

In the not too distant future we aim to be present in the vast majority of the world’s most important markets. We will invest heavily in our product development and AI features so that we can offer our customers the best trading experience and make financial knowledge available to everyone. We created this company out of a desire to democratise finance and we still stand by this goal.

Your goal is definitely honourable. What do you think is the reason why finance is not inclusive?

Thank you. I don’t think that was caused by any single event or unfavourable situation but rather the underlying issue is that the financial industry still has a lot to do to help bridge the financial education gap. Varying levels of financial literacy among the wider population show us how important it is for companies like ours to provide more people with the right education and tools. We are committed to providing our clients with extensive, tailored and high-quality education aids to help people, regardless if they are novice or expert traders, trade and invest in financial markets. 

And looking ahead, what is the next big challenge for your business?

Our biggest challenge going forward is to make the public understand that retail trading platforms are here to stay. There has been some criticism aimed at our industry recently, as people believe that companies like ours are just riding the wave of the boom in retail investments due to global lockdowns. has demonstrated this is not the case and even as things get back to normality, our growth shows little signs of a slowdown. I believe that as many novice traders dipped their toes into this industry for the first time, they chose our platform over many others because of our focus on education. And we have been able to retain and attract experienced traders because they appreciate the care and effort we put in providing our services to them. 

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