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High Demand for Healthy and Natural Ingredients to Boost Wheat Fiber Powder Market

Wheat fiber powder is a separated dietary fiber that is extracted from the wheat plant and processed into application-specific grades through milling, sieving, and standardization. Wheat fiber powder is an insoluble fiber that has been linked to a variety of health advantages, including a lower likelihood of diabetes, appetite control, constipation, and many more. Developments in nutritional research have led to greater use of wheat fiber powder in a variety of food applications.

As per Transparency Market Research, the worldwide wheat fiber powder market is anticipated to grow rapidly during the forecast period (2017 to 2025).

Increasing usage of wheat fiber powder in several food applications is expected to boost the global wheat fiber powder market. Rising R&D operations in the food and beverage industry have resulted in the discovery of many applications of wheat fiber powder. Due to its texture-enhancing properties and water-binding capability, major companies in the bakery, meat processing, dairy, confectionery, and functional food industries are progressively using wheat fiber powder in various applications. Moreover, rising consumer demand for healthy and organic ingredients is projected to bolster the wheat fiber powder market growth during the forecast period. The surge in the ‘clean label’ trend, greater awareness among consumers about general health, and growing spending power are major factors that have prompted an increase in demand for healthy ingredients.

Moreover, lifestyle changes and higher life expectancy have contributed to a greater understanding of the relevance of fiber in the diet. The majority of the key businesses are concentrating on supplying wheat fiber powder that can be readily mixed with food and beverages to deliver significant functional advantages. They are also spending heavily on the production of dietary fibers in order to meet customer demand for healthy products. The attempts undertaken by key companies to offer novel products due to higher customer demand may open up new avenues for top players operating in the global wheat fiber powder market.

Consumer eating habits have changed with the increase in the senior population, chronic disease cases, and life expectancy rates. Due to their hectic lifestyles, consumers prefer wheat fiber supplements that provide them with important nourishment and aid in the improvement of their physical and mental health. Such factors are projected to drive the global wheat fiber powder market during the forecast period.

Increasing Usage of Wheat Fiber Powder in Cosmetic Industry to Aid Market Growth

The usage of wheat fiber powder as a primary ingredient in cosmetic products to assist in moisturizing and cleansing is expected to propel the global wheat fiber powder market. The cosmetic industry is anticipated to grow significantly over the projection period due to the rising influence of western society. Moreover, due to the rising demand for cosmetic products, the leading companies in the cosmetics business are focusing on developing novel products to gain a competitive advantage.

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Wheat Fiber Powder Market to Remain Unaffected by COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a favorable impact on the global wheat fiber powder market. Increased consumer demand for wheat fiber powder to boost immunity and help battle coronavirus sickness propelled the global wheat fiber powder market. Consumers are more concerned about their overall health and fitness than ever before, which is projected to boost the global wheat fiber powder market during the forecast period.

Asia Pacific to Spearhead Wheat Fiber Powder Market

Asia Pacific is expected to contribute significantly to the global wheat fiber powder market. The wheat fiber powder market is being driven primarily by a surge in the influence of western lifestyles, a spike in population, and a rise in consumer disposable income. Moreover, increased awareness of wheat fiber products and their related advantages has fueled the market expansion. Furthermore, developing regions are expected to provide market participants with potential growth prospects for producing innovative wheat fiber products.

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