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High Demand Careers with Dominating Job Growth

Job Growth

Job growth is an essential factor in choosing a career path. The more jobs available, the less competition you’ll have for those positions. For this reason, it’s crucial to consider high-demand careers with dominating job growth when making your decision!

To help you make that decision more accessible, here is a list of high-demand careers with dominating job growth.

Home Health Aid 

Home health Aid refers to providing care to homebound people, usually senior citizens or the disabled. This job will require you to possess some physical strength as well as patience and understanding towards others. 

The demand for this career has increased by 40 percent between 2010 and 2020. The median salary of a home health aid is $21,920 per year and the minimum education required is a high school diploma or equivalent.

Nursing Assistant 

A nursing assistant refers to the person responsible for taking care of the patients in hospitals or nursing homes. Since many older adults require constant medical attention, you can expect that this occupation will remain strong since it’s not just limited to one specific type of patient.

The requirements for this career are a high school diploma or equivalent and an associate’s degree. You will then need to take the state certification exam for you to be able to work as a nursing assistant.

Real Estate 

This refers to the real estate market. If you are interested in the home buying and selling industry or want to get into investing, this is an excellent career for you! Check out courses like the art of buying and renovating (it’s about flipping houses), Real Estate Investing, and Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Strategy (this one can be done online!)

The requirements for this career path are minimal, which means you can get started as soon as possible. The real estate market is booming right now, and it’s an excellent opportunity for those who want to make money off of the housing crisis that has been going on in recent years. 

Business Consulting

This refers to those who have a business degree and want to gain consulting experience. Business management consultants help companies solve problems, which leads them through the entire process of figuring out what they need. This can be anything from best marketing their products or finding new ways for additional growth within the company itself.

Some people enter this career field with just an undergraduate degree in any prominent field, but MBA graduates usually get higher-level jobs that pay more money right off the bat. For entry-level work, look at some smaller firms where you might start as low as $50K per year, although it also depends on your industry and location (urban vs. rural). 

It is important to note that salaries vary significantly between sectors. For example, consulting wages in the financial industry are much higher than those found working for non-profits. Industries that tend to hire consultants include technology companies, manufacturing firms, healthcare providers, and even government agencies who want outside help with specific projects they may be having trouble completing on their own. 

Consultants work closely with company leaders and other employees, which is why some people see it as more of a management role instead of just being an individual contributor at times.  

Data Science 

This refers to the analysis of data to generate information. This is used in marketing, medicine, and many other fields. These are some top jobs that make use of this skill:

  • Business Intelligence Developer (median salary – $95,500)
  • Analytics Manager (median salary – $108,100)
  • Data Scientist (median salary –$102,000).

In this career, competition is relatively low, with plenty of jobs projected to be available over the coming decade. A bachelor’s degree in any major can help start this career; however, graduate degrees are becoming increasingly common for data scientists. So, you study master of data science online to stand out from the rest. 

It has strong job growth, which means plentiful opportunities no matter what your location is!

However, many employers require candidates to have at least one year of experience, but that might not always be possible if you don’t already work in an industry where big data processing often happens (if you’re fresh out of college). 

In addition, this field requires a lot of self-education because the books on the topic aren’t yet on the school curriculum. There is also a lot of math involved in this skillset which might be challenging to learn on your own even with some college education, so consider taking advanced math courses or brushing up at your local library if you need help

In conclusion, data science requires knowledge from many different fields. It requires self-motivated learners who can work well independently because there aren’t formal teacher roles available yet. This makes it hard for employers to find suitable candidates. 

On the other hand, suppose someone is interested in several areas where they see big data playing an important role (such as medicine). In that case, they should strongly consider doing their research right now about what types of training programs are out there and how much money to earn by entering this field.

Web Developer 

A web developer refers to a person responsible for the front-end of a website, which means they are in charge of how it looks and interacts with its audience. Web development roles often require programming languages, software engineering practices, and web design principles. 

There has been an increase in demand for developers because more businesses have begun using websites to interact with their customers instead of phone calls or emails. Web developer jobs pay around $62k per year on average; however, salary ranges widely depending on experience level and location.

Operation Research Analyst 

This refers to the study of how to improve the efficiency of business processes by using mathematical models. The “operations research analyst” job description is constantly evolving, as businesses are now more reliant on technology than ever before. 

Mastery of quantitative concepts and statistical analysis will be critical for success in this role. Additionally, professionals with strong communication skills must present the results gathered from these analyses to upper-level management teams. 

It would help if you had a bachelor’s degree in math or statistics for this career path; however, some employers may accept relevant work experience instead (careers in statistics).

Financial Advisor 

A financial advisor refers to any person who provides advice on financial products to their client. Financial advisors have a vast knowledge of the market and finance to advise individuals or groups on investing their money. 

They can work for banks, investment firms, credit unions, insurance companies, or any other type of organization that has anything to do with finances. Financial Advisors are used by nearly every industry out there, from retail stores providing 401K plans for employees through an advisor to real estate agents selling homes using a mortgage broker’s services and many more industries besides these two examples. 

Before becoming a financial advisor, it is crucial to take the time to understand what all goes into this job and whether or not it’s something that interests you so much that you will be able to deliver results for clients consistently.

Information Security Analyst 

This refers to an analyst in the field of information security. As computer technology has advanced over time, so have cybercrimes and cybersecurity needs. As a result, there is a significant demand for these types of analysts since businesses are beginning to recognize that they need to protect their intellectual property from being stolen online.

In addition, this type of work typically involves formulating plans or strategies that will reduce risks associated with hacking and other criminal activity such as email phishing scams. It also consists of working on ensuring electronic data is secure while stored at rest or transmitted across public networks like the internet.

In conclusion, several industries have been seeing continuous growth in the market. So, if you want to start your career or switch careers, consider one of these high-demand jobs so you can be sure to find success in your future!

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