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Heron AirBridge: the next UTM technology startup to watch

Heron AirBridge

According to a recent research study, the global Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market was worth $8.93 billion in 2022 and expected to expand at 22.45% CAGR reaching $45.12 billion by 2030 due to the immense growth potential of the next-generation aerial transportation. These robust statistics underscore AAM’s rising significance in how humans transport goods and people. However, as this industry grows and becomes more complex, ensuring air transportation systems’ safe and efficient operation becomes increasingly challenging. That’s where Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) technology comes in. UTM enables real-time communication and coordination between air traffic controllers, drones and other aircraft, ensuring they can operate safely and efficiently in the same airspace.

The role of UTM technology in shaping the Advanced Air Mobility industry

The AAM industry is built on the idea of using cutting-edge technology to transport goods and people quickly and efficiently. But, with so many aircraft sharing the same airspace, there is a real risk of collisions, especially as many of the vehicles will be unmanned. UTM technology helps to avert this risk.

Among the many things UTM technology does, perhaps the most crucial is enabling real-time communication and coordination between air traffic controllers and aircrafts (including drones and conventional planes). This way, pilots have sufficient information for situational awareness, reducing the risks of air traffic accidents.

Moreover, the technology helps to manage and optimise airspace use. With the number of aircrafts in the sky at any given time increasing dramatically, it falls upon innovations like UTM technology to manage complex flight paths. The technology provides the ability for precise navigation and monitoring, reducing delays and increasing efficiency.

In short, UTM technology is essential for the safe and efficient operation of the AAM industry. With the right UTM solutions in place, this industry can realise its full potential and deliver real benefits to businesses and consumers alike.

A pioneer in unmanned traffic management systems

With a strong track record in cybersecurity, Heron AirBridge was set up to focus on Advanced Air Mobility and drone technology solutions. The company launched AirBridge in 2021 as the first UTM technology business in Southeast Asia. The AirBridge system is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for managing and operating large fleets of drones. Unlike traditional aircraft fleet management, AirBridge enables users to plan and schedule drone missions in advance, considering factors such as weather conditions, airspace restrictions and available resources. This helps organisations to optimise their flight operations and ensure that their drones are used in the most effective way possible.

The system also comes with various tools for real-time monitoring and control of drone operations. For example, it provides live video feeds from the drones, allowing users to see the environment from the aircraft’s perspective in real-time. This can be particularly useful for tasks such as inspection and surveillance, where it is important to have a real-time view of the area being monitored.

While the aviation technology sector is primarily dominated by historically technologically advanced regions in the West, Asia is now catching up fast, thanks to the efforts by companies like Heron AirBridge. The startup is among the pioneer UTM technology specialists in the region and its products so far play in the same league as its Western competitors.

In addition, Heron AirBridge recently joined Inmarsat’s Velaris Partner Network, meaning the company now has access to best-in-class connectivity solutions from Europe. While the partnership enhances the safety of AirBridge systems, it elevates its utility to global best standards. In other words, Heron AirBridge has the expertise to satisfy all AAM needs requiring UTM technology for the best performance.

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