Hermes HiTech – A Tech Brand That Donates 20% Of Purchase Value To Charity

Hermes HiTech

Technology has completely taken over the world today. From everyday gadgets to laptops and smartphones, technology has changed the way we live. Many brands sell tech gadgets and products all over the world. While most of them sell products and offer services for earning profits, a few of them believe in giving back to society in the form of charity. This is exactly what Hermes HiTech has been doing since it was founded.

Hermes HiTech is a company that sells tech gadgets all around the globe. Comprising of a small group of visionary entrepreneurs who love shopping and innovative tech products. They aim at offering innovative technology products at prices that won’t leave a hole in the customer’s pockets. The products they offer have high quality and undergo many quality checks before being shipped to the customers. The quality of materials used in making the products is top-notch and gives a premium feel when held in hand.

Hermes HiTech is known for offering products such as wireless chargers, desk mats, digital clocks, wireless power banks, wrist rest pads, mousepads, charging cables and adapters, designer lightings, stands for laptops and smartphones, canvas, mobile cases, light signs, modular lights, and many more items. The company has listed all these products on its official website which is very easy to navigate.

The unique that makes Hermes HiTech standout from the rest of the brands is the fact that they donate 20% of the purchase value to charity. They extend support to Child’s Play, a non-profit NGO that aims to change the lives of children in hospitals and other child facilities around the world through the power of play. What they call a game industry charity, aims to improve the lives of children with toys and games in over 100 hospitals worldwide. To date, the NGO has raised millions of dollars and Hermes HiTech has played a big role in it.

Technology can be invaluable when it comes to uplifting the lives of the needy. This is the core thinking behind the company and so they help the children in the hospitals worldwide with the motto ‘Play a Game: Feel Much Better.’ Hermes HiTech is indeed walking the right path of doing business by doing charity as well. To know more about the products they offer, visit their website and Instagram page.

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