Here’s Why You Need Volunteer Management Software

Volunteer Management

Volunteer managers invest a lot of time and effort in recruiting and training volunteers, planning events, and managing volunteer processes, and these activities take all their time, leaving them stressed. The daily tasks of volunteer managers also include communicating with volunteers, monitoring and tracking volunteer hours, as well as preparing volunteer reports yearly.

Sometimes, they are unable to keep track of everything that needs to be done, which can cause some issues along the line.

This post will introduce volunteer managers to volunteer management systems that can help make their jobs easier.

What is volunteer management software?

Volunteer management software is a tool that organizers use to streamline their duties within one system to make their work seamless and easier. Volunteer management software comes with a lot of features such as schedulers, recruitment tools, volunteer hour monitoring, event planning tools, and an information database. 

Why do you need a volunteer management system?

If you can’t tell how much of an impact a volunteer management system will have on your job, let’s tell you some reasons these systems are worth your investment.


With so much to do and so little time, the volunteer management systems will help you automate some of the volunteer management processes, such as making schedules into calendars and creating reports.

With volunteer management software, record-keeping becomes easier because volunteers can enter their own information and check-in whenever they are at work, saving you time for data entry.

Automated communication features also make it easier to send group or personal messages to your volunteers.

Report writing also becomes easy because you can organize and export data into report format in no time.

Volunteer Impact Monitoring 

Volunteer managers need to measure and quantify the impact of their projects and volunteer impacts, and volunteer management software helps to communicate such impacts holistically.

A volunteer management system will track the efforts of volunteers so you can know the efforts and time different volunteers put in, as well as their progress rates and program effectiveness.

Monitoring and reporting volunteer impact in real-time can help you secure more funding, improve the quality of volunteer programs, and ensure that hardworking volunteers are rewarded. 

Volunteer Engagement Automation

Volunteer engagement is taxing when you are operating many systems. However, if you depend on volunteer management software, volunteer engagement becomes a breeze because you can send messages and emails to volunteers easily while leveraging other communication features. 

You can filter volunteer data based on skills, interests, availability, and other factors to ensure that you are engaging the right volunteers for a given purpose.

When you leverage volunteer management software, you can send email invites, schedule volunteers, and send updates and notifications across whether it concerns new opportunities or other events.

Real-time communication is also possible using software with built-in messaging applications or features.


Volunteer recruitment has changed a lot, especially as it concerns recruitment, which has now moved online. You can set up a volunteer website, post opportunities, recruit volunteers, and get them immersed in the volunteer process, which is made easy through volunteer management software.

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