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Here’s Why Lightning Is Truly Awesome

When Apple introduced its Lightning cable alongside the iPhone 5, the cable received a fair amount of criticism. Some people felt the cord was too short, while others thought it was too expensive.

When the iPhone 5 launched with a new port that was different from the one found on older models, people were hesitant. This port had more unique technology, unlike others we’d seen during that time.

Fast forward to today when we’ve already seen the launch of the iPhone 14 and (can you believe it?) the 10th year of the Lightning connector, too. Some predicted that Apple would switch to the more universally used USB-C for their port. But as we already know, they decided to stick with their proprietary Lightning charging technology. But why exactly?

Read on and find out:

Awesome Lightning

The Lightning connector is an 8-pin connector that was released by Apple in 2012 with the iPhone 5 to replace the older 30-pin cable. The Lightning connector is a 6.7mm by 1.5mm plug that can be inserted face up or face down. The Lightning connector is a male connector with pins on the cable instead of in the port.

Lightning is an excellent protocol for charging, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max capable of temporarily supporting up to 27 watts of power with the right adapter.

The Made for iPhone program’s benefits are that it allows Apple to maintain a high level of quality control for products that work with its devices. The program also gives consumers assurance that the products they purchase will work well with their Apple devices.

This is good news for consumers who can now be assured that it will not be a sub-par product as long as they purchase a certified charger.

We found in our testing that the strength of each type of connector is similar. However, Lightning cables handle tip breakage better than USB-C cables.

You need to remove the male connector from the iPhone’s port to use it. If a USB-C tip breaks, there is a 57% chance that the inner connectors will get damaged way before the outside metal tip, which means it can’t be used.

Here are some reasons Apple’s Lightning charging tech is super awesome:

Apple’s Lightning charging technology is one of the most impressive and useful features of its new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c smartphones. Here are some reasons why:

It’s Incredibly Fast

Lightning can charge your iPhone up to 80% in 30 minutes faster than most other smartphone charging technologies. To this day, there are still smartphones that take long hours to charge. Well, that’s not a problem for iPhone users.

It’s Very Convenient

Lightning cables can be plugged into the iPhone easily because it goes in both ways, so there won’t be a need to eye the port like you would with a micro-USB connecter which many smartphones still have.

It’s Very Reliable

Lightning is a very reliable charging technology, and you can be sure that your iPhone is properly charging at all times.

It’s Affordable

Lightning chargers are affordable, and you can find them at most stores selling iPhone accessories.


Overall, Apple’s Lightning charging technology is one of the best features of iPhones since the iPhone 5. It’s fast, convenient, versatile, reliable, and affordable, and it’s sure to make your life easier. Ensure you get your iPhone accessories, especially the Lightning charger, from a trusted store.

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