Here’s Why Everyone Needs To Keep This Web3 Payments System On Their Radar

The everyday use of blockchain technology and digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs have absolutely skyrocketed within the last decade or so. While there are of course several reasons for this eruption in popularity, chief among which being changing global attitudes towards the mainstream adoption of these assets, rising inflation rates and plenty of unemployment on a massive scale, the fact remains that a dependable, Web3 focused payments payment system is nevertheless needed.

What is Zoksh?

Zoksh offers blockchain oriented payment business solutions for commerce. Originally referred to as ‘MooPay’, Zoksh is a catch-all term for the team’s vision concerning the entirety of their financial services and products  which are effectively combined so that they may flourish together instead of acting independently.

To that end, the ZokshPay gateway was constructed. There are plenty of additional Zoksh services products and services constantly being developed as well. The Zoksh Payment Gateway contributes to the payment system’s ability to provide consumers with a variety of the finest resources to make their business simpler and more effective. In addition, Zoksh embraces payments from customers worldwide and includes a comprehensive set concerning compliance, safety and payment optimization characteristics. This suite is necessary in order to have the users consider their checkout experience as both efficient and positive. Moreover, all of the transactions are managed and tracked by a singular payment processor and payment gateway.

Additionally, there is the Zoksh OnRamp Solution, which allows users to buy various cryptocurrencies directly through their respective app or website. Not only does this remove any pre existing barriers, but the users will also not have to worry about payment methods. This is because Zoksh is an onramp aggregator which effectively brings together major onramps into a singular streamlined solution.

What does Zoksh actually provide?

Zoksh is working on creating the optimum Web3 payments infrastructure layer. A wide range of projects could hence indeed gain entry to fiat ramps, subscription and payment services, invoicing, and so much more via an easy to use single integration. Furthemore, users have the option of paying with over 1,000 different currencies spread across more than 8 different blockchains, in addition to numerous fiat currencies. The fees are also very low, as little as $0.25.

Also, the users possess the ability to accept payments at any time, from any location, and in any compatible currency. Zoksh, as a no-code payment system, assists individuals in establishing their businesses without difficulty. Businesses can therefore set up in a quick and seamless fashion, and both transparency and security are prioritized at all times.

Can anyone use Zoksh?

The overall effectiveness of any payments system largely depends on the number of people who can readily utilize it. Seeing as Zoksh intends for businesses to expand globally, the system is designed to accept any currency, be it in fiat or crypto. As a result of no-code incorporation, non-custodial configuration, and real-time settlement, users have complete control over their payments. Zoksh grows with the users’ businesses too which means that the payments system even aids in transactional simplification.

Additionally, democratic payments are also available, enabling businesses to gain even further financial independence and autonomous control. This leads to a comfortable and reliable arrangement. Lastly, a well-designed dashboard also helps users strategize, optimize, and monitor their transactions as well as payments at any time.

Ultimately, is Zoksh worth it?

There are a number of different blockchain-based payments systems nowadays, but few can boast to be completely designed for Web3 in the way that Zoksh can. Not only did many significant entities contribute to Zoksh’s fundraising seed round including Ajeey Khurana, Orange DAO, Big Brain Holdings, Priyank Gill, Balaji S, Nishcal Shetty, and a variety of other angel investors, entrepreneurs and funds, but the payments system also received numerous awards, including the NEAR Accelerator, being selected for the Binance Accelerator, Polygon Leap, many different hackathons, and inclusion on the YourStory & Builders Tribe’s list of the best Web3 innovations. Elsewhere, Zoksh’s key partners include Router Protocol, RSK, Supra Oracles and Limoverse.

Regarding previous achievements, Zoksh is presently live with more than 15 clients and has over 150 currently on the waitlist. In addition to the preceding awards, grants and collaborations, Zoksh managed to close the seed round and open the post seed round with no difficulties.

Together with numerous different on-chain payment solutions, the fiat ramp aggregator was also launched. In terms of future goals, the team plans to add more than 500 clients and partners, activate their token, launch SDKs alongside various hackathons and bounties. The goal is to successfully onboard as many noteworthy developers as possible and ultimately create an amazing and dependable Web3 payments ecosystem of Zoksh-based apps.

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