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Here’s Why Cosplayer Marajade Sith Prefers Rescues

According to estimates from the Animal Humane Society, close to four million cats and dogs are euthanized annually in the US. Animal shelters are packed with beautiful animals waiting for a home, and adopting a rescue has numerous benefits. Famous cosplayer Marajade Sith is just as passionate about dogs as she is about fighting for the rights of those with disabilities.

Currently, Marajade Sith is working hard to complete her dog training certificate. This will help her with her work with dogs and their owners. “Training is vital for ensuring happy owners and content pets,” she says.  A huge supporter of pet adoption, Marjade adds: “What many people don’t realize is that shelter dogs make excellent pets. Besides dog training, I also want to put all my energy into helping place rescues in good homes.”

A Love for Dogs

The popular Instagrammer and collector of pop art, MaraJade has a deep love for animals in general and especially loves dogs. Over several years, she has worked with dogs but has noticed that many owners haven’t a clue on how to deal with certain dog behaviors.

“It is so important to have a good relationship with your dog. I want to be one of those people that can help others achieve this,” Marjade says, “especially the owners of the so-called bully breeds.”

According to Marajade Sith, some of the tougher dog breeds are typically discriminated against because they simply have a bad reputation. Like with humans, these stigmas in dogs are unfair. When a dog is well-trained, any breed, even the toughest looking, can be well-behaved and make a wonderful and faithful pet. She says, “I fully agree with those people who say that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.”

Adopt Instead of Shop

These ridiculously high euthanizing statistics in America stem from the fact that too many people don’t spay or neuter their pets. Also, far too many people buy pets and then give up on them. What many don’t realize is that every adoption from a pet shelter saves the lives of two animals – the one goes into a home, making space for another one to be rescued.

According to Marajade Sith, several reasons make it far more practical to adopt a pet rather than buy one. You can find healthy animals at shelters because they are vaccinated, neutered, and given a clean bill of health by a veterinarian. Most rescues are also fully trained, saving you lots of time and money.

Depending on what type of dog you want to buy, you can normally expect to pay anything up to $1,000. At a shelter, you can find some gorgeous mixed- or thorough-bred dogs at much less; without you supporting puppy mills.

It is a myth that dogs from shelters are abused or badly behaved. Most people leave their animals at shelters because of financial reasons, divorce, a move, or lack of time. “All my dogs are rescues and there are several reasons why we say: adopt, don’t shop,” MaraJade Sith says.

Entering the Interesting World of Cosplay

A Star Wars fan, Marajade Sith has always been interested in art (especially pop art). She describes herself as a nerd and introvert and says cosplay allows her to combine her artistic streak with her love for making people smile. What some of her social media followers may not know about her is that Marjade is also a person living with a disability.

She started her career as a Pro Gamer and Sith won two Warhammer Fantasy Tournaments. When an unknown illness stopped her from competing, Marjade did not give up on life, but turned to her beloved art and started presenting her paintings on Twitch Streamer. She also modeled and worked on the TV show Uncultured (currently on hold).

Being in costume and bringing her favorite characters to life allows her to come out of her shell. While Marjade is being someone else for the day at Comic-Cons, she gets to positively deal with her social anxiety, bringing a smile to others’ faces.

After many years of not knowing what was wrong with her, Marjade was only recently diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders. Chronic illnesses are invisible, and she knows that many people are not very supportive because they can’t understand what they don’t see.

Stigma is something Marajade Sith has fought for several years and she feels that no person or animal deserves a bad rap. In her own words: “We all need to live in a kinder world.” 

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