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Here’s what you need to know about IFBB Pro athlete Shikha Sharma

In a world that is constantly gravitating towards a more leisurely lifestyle, there remain a few who take up those occupations which require sheer hard work, patience, and dedication. On this note we introduce a fitness enthusiast who is currently making the headlines- Shikha Sharma was born on the 28th of September in the year 1982. A resident of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Shikha currently pursues a life of fitness and is a role model for women all over the globe, with her toned body and enthusiastic personality.

While many would expect Shikha Sharma to have always been in the fitness industry this is far from the truth. Before stepping into this new era of her life, She has been a state-level badminton champion, a columnist, an artist, a fitness model, and a corporate professional with more than 17 years of work experience. As one can understand, being healthy and staying fit has always been a top priority for Shikha Sharma, and the decision that she took nearly two decades back in 2004 has been one of the best to date. She further adds, ‘It was difficult to step into a profession that was mostly pursued by men. But I have never been scared of standing out. Instead, when I took up bodybuilding, I made sure that my feminine beauty goes hand in hand with my muscle strength.”

Today Shikha Sharma is an IFBB PRO bodybuilding athlete, certified fitness transformation coach, and nutritionist. Although it can be difficult to manage all of it Shikha was always grateful that she got the opportunity to live her dream life. Her dedication to her work and desire to make a name for herself is unparalleled and has even won Shikha Sharma the World Women Leadership- Global Women Achievers award. But even more importantly she has been able to make a definitive improvement in many people’s lives across the world. “I coach people across all age groups and hold a respectable stature in the universe of female fitness. I also have my online customized training programs for my clients worldwide.”, Shikha adds.

The mental and physical strength that she has portrayed over the years is a source of inspiration for millions of women across the world. In the future, Shikha wants to keep inspiring people and eventually lead up to being the first Indian female to win the Olympia title in bodybuilding. To support and encourage Shikha Sharma on her journey to the top make sure to follow her on social media today!

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