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Here’s How Iggy Azalea (MOTHER) and RCO Finance are Pushing Crypto Use Cases To a New Era

Some crypto users occasionally dunk on crypto meme coins for not having as many use cases as their other altcoin counterparts. While that might have been true some months ago, the latest crop of meme coins–like the Solana meme coin, Mother Iggy (MOTHER)–offer quite the utility.

As usual, the DeFi sector is not devoid of action, as RCO Finance is yet another addition to the thriving sector with its wide range of use cases. The presale is on, and it’s a battle for who gets their RCOF tokens first.

RCOF: Advanced Trading Solutions Starting With Massive Presale Profits!

RCO Finance is offering the biggest solution in the trading sector, and of course, it involves AI. Where other trading platforms use generic codes to create trading bots, RCO Finance leverages machine learning in its own AI, so the strategies are more personalized.

On RCO Finance, the trading AI operates like a financial assistant, first learning your trading behavior and preferences before using them to suggest tips for profitable trading. That way, you can profit from strategies you’re comfortable with and become more confident in your trades.

The AI solution comes with Automated Market Makers (AMMs) that update the prices of various commodities and assets in real time. This ensures that you’re always up to date with current prices, thus improving your decision-making and chances of profit.

RCO Finance’s platform offers a wide range of trading options. Are you looking to diversify into Forex or shares? RCO has it all, even the newly approved ETFs.

Diversification is the best way to reduce risk while trading and RCO Finance gives you ample options for a secure system. It is secure because RCO Finance’s smart contract has been audited without signs of security breaches by top blockchain company SolidProof.

But before you start on the platform, there’s the RCOF presale, where the journey starts.

Mother Iggy to Feature in the Telecom Market

Rapper Iggy Azalea launched her concept of a crypto coin to represent a part of pop culture in the crypto market, and she seems rather serious about its plans. On Sunday, she announced that she would be relaunching her telecom company, and Solana meme coin, Mother Iggy, will be a payment method.

According to the rapper, users can use SOL and MOTHER tokens to buy phones from the company. With the ads and campaign to follow during the week, users are enthusiastic about Mother Iggy’s newfound use case.

On the other hand, the allegations of insider activity keep looming over MOTHER’s prospects, but they haven’t stopped them from rallying.

CoinMarketCap reports a 31.1% gain in the past 24 hours on Mother Iggy’s charts, and with the recent announcement, you can expect the meme coin to be a top gainer this week. Who said meme coins cannot play?

But while the memes stretch their use cases, other altcoins have spent longer doing that. RCO Finance is evidence of DeFi projects pulling all the stops in a bid to solve users’ issues.

RCOF won’t be stopping there either. There’s a goldmine in the presale, too.

RCOF Matching MOTHER in Gains and Utility

Top meme coins like MOTHER are often associated with huge profits, but RCOF matches them even there and in utilities.

RCOF allows users to explore different markets without needing a third party. Traders will also enjoy the RCO Finance project’s 50x leverage feature.

The RCOF presale has just started, so you haven’t missed much. Get your tokens at $0.0127 each in Stage 1 of the presale, and watch them accumulate 3000% and more before launch day.

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