Here are the Top 5 Cryptocurrency Marketing Agencies You Can Trust

Cryptocurrency Marketing

It has been a remarkable couple of years for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The masses are already adopting cryptocurrencies and their use cases. As that happens, the competition has grown more intense and your project needs more than just solid use cases to impress the crowd and build its credibility.

Today, it is vital to stand out from the crowd and showcase your project’s potential. To raise awareness, build a reputation, inspire trust in the cryptocurrency community, and drive demand for your coin, you will need a solid marketing strategy and a team that can pull it off. 

Doing that with an in-house marketing team may seem like the most effective solution, but it isn’t. That’s why a majority of crypto and blockchain projects choose to outsource their marketing to professional crypto marketing agencies. This allows projects to focus on what they are good at while the marketing agency ensures that your solid vision, mission, and utility is met with the solid demand it deserves. 

So, in this article, we will offer you an overview of our top 5 handpicked crypto marketing agencies for 2022.

1) Lunar Digital Assets

Lunar Digital Assets is a full-stack premier blockchain and cryptocurrency consultation agency. They focus on implementing the right mix of digital marketing and growth hacking strategies to make your crypto project stand out from the crowd. The firm offers everything from running engagement campaigns, community management, strategic outreach, events, website build, tradeshows and publications. 

Lunar Digital Assets has catered to some of the crypto sector’s most valuable projects including Polygon, Quickswap, Comdex, and Persistence among others. They also offer prime PR placements into top-tier publications for special projects with the potential to disrupt industries. One of the many keys to Lunar Digital Assets’ successful marketing approach is the combined experience of its members which allows it to create unique solutions to support and render the client’s project lucrative.

2) CoinBound

CoinBound is a holistic crypto and blockchain marketing agency that strives to promote blockchain brands through influencers, SEO and thought-leadership marketing. Alongside these, the brand offers PR management, SEM and PPC and social media management. This firm helps you secure brand coverage through their crypto PR services and contacts of affluent crypto media channels to help you get the organic brand coverage your business deserves.

The firm is trusted by crypto companies like eToro, ShapeShift, MetaMask and Cosmos. The agency also helps create a complete custom-built campaign on Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and more to generate new leads and convert your users to customers. 

3) DaPixel

Despite being a newcomer in the crypto marketing space, DaPixel’s team is made up of seasoned professionals who know how to put together a winning campaign for your crypto brand. They aim to save your costs and time by auditing competitors to find out what works for them and what doesn’t. 

DaPixel offers a personalized method for curating a digital marketing plan that works for you and your goals. They offer free 30-minute consultations, where you can get an idea of how they would go about a marketing campaign for your company.

4) Coinzilla

With a feat of 12,000 campaigns in its cap, Coinzilla is one of the leading crypto marketing platforms. It is a digital advertising network and allows projects to promote their finance & cryptocurrency projects by displaying a variety of ads directly on the websites of Coinzilla’s list of publishers.

One of Coinzilla’s main goals is to provide high-quality leads through its publisher channels. They offer a variety of ad types that are very adaptable to mobile and desktop visitors. Basically, whether you have mobile or desktop traffic, you can easily monetise it with their network.

5) focuses on promoting cryptocurrency projects in Asia’s most significant regions, including Japan, China, and Korea. The company provides a suite of 30 marketing services, which have already been utilized by more than 200 customers including Terra Virtua, Polka Cover and Holder Finance. 

This firm also offers a plethora of excellent alternatives for projects in the ‘early bird’ stage. They are known for their proficiency and the high quality of work they deliver. The Flexei team is highly experienced in NFT marketing, DeFi marketing, ICO marketing, and executing marketing campaigns for all types of crypto-related products and services.

Final Thoughts

We only wish marketing a project with great potential were easier. But it’s not. And as long as you don’t want your idea to be lost in the crowd of other projects trying to gain your audience’s attention, you will need the best marketing prowess by your side. Delivering exactly that are these top 5 crypto marketing agencies. So, be sure to make the right call when picking a marketing agency to help you grow your crypto project.

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