Here Are Some Cool Ways People Are Using Keyboard Switches

If you’ve been on social media recently, you’ve probably seen people showcasing attractive keyboard switches that instantly made you want them. It doesn’t matter if you have a regular PC, a gaming or office option, or something else. The final denomination will come down to the keyboard for most people. 

They want to know what the keyboard is capable of and how it will impact the PC. Every keyboard will let you make words appear on a screen. However, mechanical keyboards with the proper keyboard switches take that to an entirely new level. 

Keep reading below to learn exciting ways others with love for mechanical keyboards have used keyboard switches to their advantage. 

People Love Gaming On Mechanical Keyboards

Gaming is fun, and many gamers these days operate on a PC with mechanical keyboards. If you’re one of these people, you’ll need a switch that allows for a solid actuation force and a bottom-out force. 

In addition, it should also have a decent actuation distance and travel distance so that you get the most out of each stroke. Something to consider here also is the amount of effort these switches can take. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you may have to replace them at least once or twice after a few years. If you don’t use them for hours daily, you should be alright for five years or more. 

For these options, you may choose an optical switch rather than a mechanical one, though both will work well. The main difference is the optical switch is faster.

Eliminates The Issue of Bottoming Out 

Bottoming out is the pain that comes from typing for extended amounts of time. For example, if you work from seven in the morning to five in the evening and spend that entire time typing, you’ll experience hand cramps at the least and a pinched nerve in your hand as another option. Instead of letting that happen to you when it doesn’t need to, you can adapt your mechanical keyboards with ergonomic switches and soften the bottoming out process. With certain switches, if you type lightly, you can avoid this issue altogether. 

Smoother And Quieter Sound 

Anyone with mechanical keyboards knows that they make a clicky clacky sound. If you have a sensitivity to noise, this can drive you crazy as you won’t like it. To minimize the sound, you’ll need to utilize new switches. You’ll find that the spring force is minimal on the switches that make noise dissipate. The actuation distance, however, is 1.2 mm. As such, you’ll see that these are primarily used for gaming, not extended work periods. 

However, many different switches will be adaptable for working with mechanical keyboards, though you may find them a bit pricier. Keep in mind, however, that the pricier switches offer more than those that aren’t. For example, some have to muffle caps underneath them.

Having Choices That Are Durable

Durability is another reason people are adopting new keyboard switches to their mechanical keyboards. If your switch isn’t durable, it won’t hold up against the jobs you need your mechanical keyboards to perform. With a straightforward spring force that improves reaction time and can hold up over long periods, people haven’t had any issues with adopting new ideas to make their mechanical keyboards run more smoothly. 

Sometimes Sound Is Better

Now we know that some people get highly annoyed at mechanical keyboards because of that clicky sound. However, others love it and will go to great lengths to explore how to make the sound louder and more snappy. The best part of this is that each switch you try usually has its unique sound. In particular, some controls make more of a thudding sound than those that make a louder but lighter click. 

Many people on social media adopt these methods to make their videos more aesthetic. In particular, many unboxing videos show you how to adopt new keyboard switches and how they improve the sound. Instead of a quiet thrum, you can get a sound that is quite substantial. However, others that choose this method may switch their keyboard switches simply because they like the sound it provides as it can make working more fun.

It’s An Affordable Way To Customize Mechanical Keyboards

Most people mistakenly believe that you need a lot of money to customize your mechanical keyboards. That isn’t true, however. There are many switches that you can get that are incredibly affordable. That is why you have the option to experience cool new controls that completely change how mechanical keyboards operate. In addition to this, you’ll find that some allow you to have a better handle on your game playing and stylization. 

Let Your Keyboard Have A Cleaner Design

When you want to let your keyboard have a much cleaner design, think about switching out your keyboard switches. The new design will be aesthetically pleasing, come in different colors, and some buttons offer add-ons like a themed spacebar or keycaps. In addition, when you want to give your mechanical keyboards a cleaner design, focus on the switches that provide a low rattle and have a good bottom row. These steps will enable you to have the best look and sound.

Mechanical Keyboards Can Experience A Complete Revamp

Your mechanical keyboards can experience a complete revamp simply by adapting new switches. People are using them for all kinds of neat purposes, like diminishing sound or making sure they can be heard a mile away. You can also get switches in cool styles and colors that give your mechanical keyboards a completely different feel. 

Keep the tips we’ve given you above in mind for whatever purpose you decide to use your mechanical keyboards and controllers for. In doing so, you’ll find something you love and can enjoy for years. Just remember that if you go big, you might want to keep that keyboard at home. An office usually won’t let you have a keyboard that sounds like a drum!

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